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Dominance And Communication Essay

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Male-Female relationships are an issue that has been around as long as both men and women have been. In male-female relationships there are always problems with communication, miscommunication, domination and many more. During the course of this semester we read several plays in which we found some of these issues affecting relationships between the characters. In A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams , we found examples of male-female relationship problems. Domination and communication are issues that affect every male-female relationship and can create tension between both parties involved in said relationship.
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In his article, he says, “I believe that the male partner tends to control relationships more frequently. This might be connected to the fact that men are on average bigger than women, but, nonetheless, domination is expected much more from men.”
Although times have changed, society still expects the man to dominate in the relationship. If a woman wears the pants in the relationship, she’s looked as if she’s from another planet. Same, but in contrast, if a man is submissive in the relationship, he’s looked down on and criticized by his peers and fellow men. These days, the media and entertainment set the standard for who should be dominant. Television and the Internet depict men as big and strong. Movies and shows share the image of dominant men and inferior women. Women are depicted as helpless and unable to defend themselves, waiting for their knight in shinny armor to come, rescue them and take care of them.
In A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, we see some examples of dominance in a relationship. Stanley is the dominant partner in his marriage. Stella on the other hand, is the submissive partner who allows her partner to have the last word in the marriage. In act II, after Blanche proves her story about the belle Reve with the financial papers, Stanley feels humiliated. He feels that he needs to regain or reassert that he’s dominant and that he controls the relationship. He says, “You see, under the Napoleonic code – a man has to take an interest in his wife’s affairs – especially now that she’s going to have a baby.” He feels embarrassed and humiliated that he has been proven wrong. If he’s to continue being the one in control in the house, he needs to remind Blanche who’s in control. What better way of doing this than by saying this.
Dominance has other ways to manifest itself in a relationship. One of these ways can be physical abuse of the...

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