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Dominic's Field Trip To Ellis Island

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Dominic’s trip field trip begins on Ellis Island, New York, where Dominic is forced to hide the biggest secret he has which is he’s an orphan, he has no connections to his family or knows anything about them. While on the trip he hides in a closet to avoid talking about his family, soon he falls asleep, when he wakes up its dark and he is scared and lost, to figure out what’s going on, he picks up a display telephone and starts talking. To Dominic’s surprise someone answers and he is transported back to 1908’s Italy! There he meets three boys, namely, Francisco, Antonio, and Salvatore. They were caught stealing from Randizzi’s farm. Randizzi is a cruel man who whips people when they do something bad to him or steal his stuff. With luck Salvatore and Francisco are able to escape from Randizzi’s farm, but Antonio and Dominic remain there captive. While in captivity Salvatore kills Randizzi so the whole town now thinks Salvatore is a murderer. They decide to leave the country in the morning so the town doesn’t find out who murdered Randizzi. On their journey back Salvatore’s stomach starts hurting severely. Soon they find a place to spend the night. They plan to leave early in the morning to get to the dock, but to their surprise Salvatore dies in his sleep. On the way to the dock, they find out that they weren’t allowed to bring pets on the boat and Francisco has a pet goat that he has to get rid of which made him really upset. Finally, they reach America only to find out that two of them had to go to New York and one could go to New Jersey. They decided that Francisco will go to New Jersey and Antonio and Dominic will go to New York.

1) What type of prejudice is this book about? What did you learn about this immigration that you didn’t know about before or didn’t quite understand?
This book is about prejudice towards immigrants. Once people reached America they went to Ellis Island where they had to pass a test and have a medical inspection...

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