Domino 004 The Roman Bicyle

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What six years old clinking bumscope is so stupid to decide his to flight to China? What moron begins preparing himself at age six? In continuation, who is even fooler than the foolest turkey to organize his escape during seven years. How explain, someone finally taking a ship, to escape to China at age thirteen? Last, but not least, who is the squared bumpkin to sail on a ship during a month for a fantasy, ultimately to escape, from the ship in the wrong harbor?
Yes! You are right, “ the oafish bird, our 33rd!” A mind so under zero that it is necessary to forge words for it. Luckily, poor language helped to become a Wordsmith to forge words.
However, something sounds hollow. Initially, if “33rd ,” was one of the many insulting nicknames the school boys used with degradation purposes, then, not only something sounds hollow, the whole melody he had been writing during years sounds totally false. Putting it in another way, he is probably escaping from Errorland, having a country in mind. Whatever! Escaping from harassment, mental torture, motives to be castigated, beaded and suffering injuries. The first day’s elementary school, eight years ago, why did the harassment start?
As roughly, most kids in history, spread over the surface of the earth, are victims of the “Law of the Strongest,” for being, “different, or weak!” That is usually the motto. Going to elementary school at age five, the youngest, and weakest of the class and in the hamlet. Community schools, opening its doors for the first time after more than four years being closed because of a War, kids understand nothing about. Now, a village and a country, liberated by the British-Scottish, American and Canadian armies.
However, instead of being “free,” suddenly, a strange citizen, a World harbor-Metropolitan artist’s family boy, with other education, norms, rules, concepts, knowledge, culture, accent and vocabulary appears at the school gate with his eldest Imposing, Dominating brother J.-J., on his return from Rome with his bicycle.
That’s too much, for those who have no clue what and where...

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