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Don John Essay

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Though some of actions his can be considered ones of villainy, Don John cannot be declared a thoroughly evil villain because he has a reason to be angry. Borachio is the main villain because he does not react to an injustice like Don John. Instead, he acts out of pure greed, causing pain and anguish for just to get money. Because he was an illegitimate child, Don John is slightly rejected by society. Though he is of a royal bloodline, he does not receive the same treatment as his brother Don Pedro. In Act I, Scene I, Don Pedro arrives at Leonato's house with his two friends, Claudio and Benedick, and they are joyfully welcomed. Also accompanying Don Pedro is Don John "the Bastard." Unlike all the others in his company, the people of Messina do not rejoice at his arrival and do not offer him a warm welcome. These moments are ones which cause Don John much grief and bitterness. It is not his fault that his parents sinned and had him out of wedlock. This is a factor than is completely out of his control and causes the people to unrightfully neglect him. And because of this, "he hates the prince his brother, and he hates Claudio, because he is the prince's friend, and is determined to prevent Claudio's marriage with Hero, only for the malicious pleasure of making Claudio and the prince unhappy" (Gray). And so, because he is rejected by society, Don John turns into a man consumed by bitterness and rage. This bitterness and rage causes Don John to repel the cold attacks against him. In doing this, he contrives a plan to break up Hero and Claudio because he absolutely abhors Claudio. He suggests to Claudio that Don Pedro is courting Hero for himself, "Claudio (despite his knowledge of the wooing plan and his friendship with the prince) takes what he sees for truth" (Chidester). Later he makes Claudio reject Hero and think she is disloyal. Enraged, Claudio humiliates Hero by suddenly accusing her of lechery on the...

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1223 words - 5 pages unconditional and unwavering love. Deception is still a common occurrence in our modern world. Don John is the most deceptive character in the play as he deceives character after character though dramatic irony and the setting. As shown in this quote ‘I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me’ the character Beatrice does not ever want to be married. Beatrice is a strong-headed women who is sassy, witty and very adamant to

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