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Don John, The Angry Bastard Essay

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Don John, in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing, is not fairly treated by critics and readers alike. His actions are, perhaps, acts of villainy but they can in some ways be at least understood, if not justified. He is man robbed of rightful social position by conditions outside of his own control, and thusly, he reacts violently and with great force against those who he feels have taken his rightful position. This not a great villain but man forced into an undesirable condition and thusly he rages against a world aligned against him.Don John's actions are taken out of a plain desire to do evil but instead in a Machiavellian move to gain power. If you not that he strikes at only the powerful, Claudio, the prince's right hand in order to gain position and power. He does this by a manipulating the powerful in a manor such that they come to false conclusions. This will enable him to come to power by right of ascension to the position his brother held. It may also be noted that by causing Claudio to dishonor Hero, he sets Benedick against him, Benedick being the superior fighter would have killed Claudio. This would have caused by reason of honor Don Pedro to dual Benedick. Benedick being younger and faster would also have defeated him, leaving Don John as successor to the throne. This would have put him in what he felt was his rightful place of power and authority instead of being his brother's charity case. He rightly feels that he belongs in a position of power based on his intelligence and...

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932 words - 4 pages daughter. Leonato’s actions can make Hero feel betrayed. Therefore, Leonato is an important character that may cause Hero’s death. Don John, the Bastard, is the origin of many conflicts in the play. As a villain, he is melancholy and disdainful of love. Don John is jealous of young Claudio’s fame and success. When he hears about the marriage of Claudio and Hero, he immediately takes this chance to create some troubles for Claudio, “Any bar, any cross

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2016 words - 8 pages usual war of words. He is trying to make the first move and looks for “marks of love in her”. Don John deceives everyone apart from his followers Borachio and Comrade who plot with him to destroy the marriage of Claudio and Hero. He uses deception for malevolent intention which have the worst consequences. He is the bastard child, illegitimate and so he would “…rather be a canker in a hedge, than a rose in his grace

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701 words - 3 pages thinking.             The comedy, “Much Ado About Nothing” depicts the story of a group of high-ranking soldiers who travel through a town called Messina. They had been to the town before, and this time Claudio confesses his love for the governor’s daughter, Hero. Because Leonato is so fond of Claudio, the wedding is set to be a few days away. This gives Don John, Claudio’s bastard brother, a

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1223 words - 5 pages themselves; in fact women get more of a voice in our society. As was previously mentioned, the character Don John is a villain by all names “I am a plain dealing villain” this is the character that links to the (bad) deception being played out in the play. Don John is a bastard, which is the reason why he treats the world so badly, therefore missing out on the title of prince and all the inheritance. Don John not only blames the world for this but also

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2320 words - 10 pages Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Othello feature comparably directorial villains in Don John and Iago, respectively. These characters may be the most direct link between two plays with many similarities. In the essay “Illusion and Metamorphosis in Much Ado About Nothing,” Paul and Miriam Mueschke claim, “The similarities between Much Ado and Othello […] are more numerous than are those between any other comedy and tragedy in the entire

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866 words - 3 pages Claudio converses with Don Pedro when a conversation discussing their marriage was eavesdropped on by Antonio (Brian Blessed) who misunderstood, and believed that Don Pedro wanted to marry Hero. With this mix-up, and a bit of help from bastard Don John, it is believed that Hero is a whore, not long before she is thought of as dead by all.Simultaneously to this love affair, is the love-hate relationship of Beatrice, and bachelor Benedick (played by

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1891 words - 8 pages the hearer with the book of words. If though dost lover Fair Hero, cherish it, And I will break the news with her, and with her father, And thou shalt have her: was't not to this end, That though should began'st to twist so fine a story.' This is a key point in the play as the main plot is around Claudio and Hero. Don John, Don Pedro's bastard brother, is the villain and he plans to break apart Hero and

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702 words - 3 pages Comparing the speech of Don John and Benedick is very stiff, because both of the characters in the movie called “Much Ado about nothing “have their own qualities and motivations. Don John who is referred as “the bastard,” also known as the villain who wants to achieve the rights he deserves and revenge towards his beloved brother Don Pedro. Benedick the one funny, young and locked into a love- hate relationship with Beatrice who took an oath

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801 words - 4 pages reputation. It in fact does not help Dogberry seem like a gentleman, it seems quite the opposite. Ones respectability is heard through someone else. There has been one person in this play that has been in charge of this opinion. Don John is the brother of Prince Don Pedro. He is a bastard and has grown up constantly reminded of his own bad social reputation. The only thing Don John wants is to have a balance of everyone elses humility equivalent to

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1141 words - 5 pages Much Ado About NothingWritten between 1598 and 1600by William ShakespeareThe Characters:Don Pedro, Prince of AragonDon John, his bastard brotherClaudio, a young lord of FlorenceBenedick, a young lord of PaduaLeonato, governor of MessinaAntonio, his brotherBorachio, follower of Don JohnFriar FrancisHero, daughter to LeonatoBeatrice, niece to LeonatoMargaret and Ursula, gentlewoman attending on HeroDogberry, a constableShakespeare, master of

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989 words - 4 pages overhearing "it agreed upon that the Prince should woo Hero for himself, and having obtained her, give her to Count Claudio" (1.3.57-60). Borachio and Don John now know the real situation between Hero, Claudio, and Don Pedro: Claudio, and not Don Pedro, will get Hero for a wife; however, Borachio tells Claudio that Don Pedro "swore he would marry [Hero] tonight" (2.1.157). When Claudio hears this distortion of the truth, he becomes angry. After

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1686 words - 7 pages John is known as Don John the Bastard in Shakespeare's writing. This means that his father never married his mother. This also means that he and his brother are not full brothers, only half brothers. In Shakespeare's play, it doesn't specify whether they have a different mother or father, or if there's another reason why he's called Don John the Bastard. In the film, Branagh adds a visual presentation to this, he decides to use a white and a black

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908 words - 4 pages Don John is a Credible Villain Don John is a believable villain because he is a bastard which means that in Elizabethan times Don John would have been seen as evil. Don John’s legitimate brother on the other hand is wealthy and well respected by everyone. Don John hates Claudio because Claudio has taken his position as Don Pedro’s right hand man. Don John even acknowledges his own evil and he also shows no mercy. Don John’s character doesn’t

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746 words - 3 pages Though some of actions his can be considered ones of villainy, Don John cannot be declared a thoroughly evil villain because he has a reason to be angry. Borachio is the main villain because he does not react to an injustice like Don John. Instead, he acts out of pure greed, causing pain and anguish for just to get money. Because he was an illegitimate child, Don John is slightly rejected by society. Though he is of a royal bloodline, he