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Spanish 10th essay Ponce De Leon Don Juan Ponce de Leon "To bad he had to kick the bucket!" Don Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish conqueror and explorer. He was born around 1460 in San Tervas de Campos, Spain. Ponce de Leon lived during an age of great discovery and excitement. Ponce de Leon is well known, claiming and naming what is now Florida, the discovery of Puerto Rico, and his never-ending search for the old time classic, the Fountain of Youth! On November 19, 1493 Ponce de Leon was one of the first Europeans to see the small island of Borinquen, the Indian name for Puerto Rico. Ponce de Leon sailed to Puerto Rico in 1506 with two hundred men to the island and found out that it had rich gold deposits. He enslaved the natives, and forced them to mine gold for him. Ponce de Leon left Puerto Rico and returned again in 1508 this time he brought with him only fifty men. On this voyage his ship went through a terrible storm that caused him to run onto the rocks on two occasions. The crew was forced to throw over much of their supplies in order to keep the ship from sinking. After Ponce de Leon finally arrived in Puerto Rico he became the governor of the island. This caused him to become very wealthy, and the most powerful man on the island, who only received orders from the kind himself! In 1511 King Ferdinand ordered Ponce de Leon replaced as governor by Diego Columbus. Life for Ponce de Leon would have been difficult if he stayed in Puerto Rico since much of...

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720 words - 3 pages 1650.There were 3 main personalities in the said uprising. Don Juan Ponce (he used lastname, his firstname is Spanish), the leader of the group, Don Pedro Caamug (he used lastname), the second leader and the third leader a person is Agustin Sumoroy. The name Juan Ponce Sumuroy is sometimes given to Agustin usually as the result of confusion between Juan Ponce and Agustin Sumuroy.Diego Silang y Andaya (December 16, 1730 - May 28, 1763) was a

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738 words - 3 pages and gold and become very wealthy. Every country heard about and expected to find an unlimited amount of riches. What the Europeans weren’t expecting to find was thousands of different civilizations already living in this unexplored “new world”. There were many different types of explorers of the new world each with their own motives. One such explorer with extremely ambitious desires was Juan Ponce de Leon; he was a Spaniard who ventured into

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1321 words - 5 pages . Florida has many universities with great academic programs and great students. With humble beginnings Florida has become the most popular state in America with its rich history and modern day beauty. Records show that life in Florida started with Juan Ponce de Leon in 1530. Between April 2nd and April 8th Ponce de Leon washed up on shore after a terrible ship wreck. In honor of Pasuda Florida Ponce de Leon named the area La Florida. The country

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3610 words - 14 pages Puerto Rican Art Historically, Puerto Rico is only 512 years old. The island was discovered on November 19, 1493 by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World. On the island he found Taino Indians living there. Juan Ponce de León came to the island in 1508 as its first governor. In 1521, the city of San Juan was established. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Puerto Rico was attacked by the Dutch and English

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1493 words - 6 pages . In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon sailed from Puerto Rico and landed on the east coast of Florida.- He then sailed around the southern tip of Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico. He next explored the southwest coast of Florida before returning to Puerto Rico.- In 1539, an expedition of more than 600 people led by Hernando de Soto sailed from Cuba to the west coast of Florida. In search of gold, this expedition traveled through what is now the southern

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1485 words - 6 pages Spain for the next 400 years. But the interesting fact remains that Puerto Rico was not truly settled by the Spaniards until almost fifteen years later! In 1508, Juan Ponce de Leon came to settle the land of Borinken, and founded the town of Caparra. This was the start of a proud people that would eventually become known as Puerto Ricans. Since there were only the natives on the island known as Tainos (descendents of the Arawaks), the

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3933 words - 16 pages ' pretensions melted in the heat of that day. He was stunned at being silenced. Don Juan caught his bus, waved, and left Castaneda standing at the Greyhound station, feeling like an imbecile.Carlos can be easily compared to the fool Perceval, as in Cretien de Troyes version of the Grail quest. Carlos approaches Don Juan as an all-knowing expert in something he knows nothing about. He is in many ways like the fool, Perceval, approaching the knights in

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1890 words - 8 pages the Spaniards as "Taino", in reference to a word used in the language of the Tainos (Figueroa, Sept. 17). The island’s discovery did not lead to a quick occupation, though. Juan Ponce de Leon, in search of gold, made the first effort to settle on the island in 1508. In the next twenty years, the Taino population became decimated while forced to labor in prospecting gold, a phase that ended in this time, succumbing to disease and a breakdown in

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2516 words - 10 pages matter of separation.  If a woman wanted a divorce, she would leave a bundle of his belongings outside and he left to go to his mother's house.  (Garbarino 23) Spain claimed a new land that Juan Ponce de Leon had named Florida.  Ponce De Leon named the land Florida because of the festival that was going on in Spain at that time, Pascua Florida.  Spain had claimed the land from the southernmost tip of Florida to the Chesapeake Bay and to the

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674 words - 3 pages Have you ever heard of Juan Ponce de Leon? Rumor has it he was searching for the mythical ‘’fountain of youth’’, but historians suggest otherwise. There are no surviving documents saying that Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for the fountain of youth. It is thought that Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdez disliked Juan, and attempting to make him look foolish, spread the rumor saying that Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for the fountain of

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564 words - 2 pages Spanish 10th essay Ponce De Leon Don Juan Ponce de Leon "To bad he had to kick the bucket!" Don Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish conqueror and explorer. He was born around 1460 in San Tervas de Campos, Spain. Ponce de Leon lived during an age of great discovery and excitement. Ponce de Leon is well known, claiming and naming what is now Florida, the discovery of Puerto Rico, and his never-ending search for the old time classic, the

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597 words - 2 pages island in the west Indies, in 1493. Ponce de Leon went back in 1502. Some historians believe that he didn't. Ponce de Leon was also the founder of the town of Salvalean, and he built a residence and invented mining, also he worked in agricultural enterprises.In 1508 Ponce de Leon had left Hispanuola to explore the island of San Juan (later known as Puerto Rico). When he went there he discovered gold, and then he conquered the island. After he

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1143 words - 5 pages Some decades ago there was a Spanish conquistador man called Juan Ponce de Leon. He was an explorer and an adventurer. Juan Ponce de Leon was an arrogant self-centered man who only cared for his appearance. He was always spot on with what he wore, consisting of a long sleeve white collared shirt, armored chest-plate, and a feathered hat. Apart from being arrogant and self-centered he was a really intelligent man and a resourceful one too, I mean