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Famous boxing promoter Don King's entrepreneurial process was not as smooth as other boxing promoters. King really had to fight again and again to prove that he did have the right skills to be a good promoters. They doubted him because King had long history of being a street hustler. King used to run illegal operations and during two of those operation he was charged with murder. In the first case he was discharged. The judge said is was a justifiable homicide because King had shot Hillary Brown because Brown was trying to rob him. In the second case King was convicted and sentenced to jail for second degree murder. King was let out of jail in only four years because many celebrities put in a good word for him. After he was released from jail King wanted to start fresh. From here on out King had become a boxing promoter. Don King is an ideal example of a unflagging entrepreneur.
King's first big step into becoming a boxing promoter was in 1972 in Cleveland. Don King with the help of his friend Lloyd Price, a famous singer and the man who brought King away from his operations into the world of boxing. Both of them were able to convince popular boxer Muhammad Ali to join him in one of his events. “It was a charity event for ‘Show For People Care’ to benefit Forest City Hospital and it featured Muhammad Ali in an exhibition match”(Fight News). King wanted Ali to be a part of his boxing charity exhibition for a local black hospital so they could help the hospital out since it was not running well. This charity event put King in the spotlight as a helping and fair man who helped him especially because of his past.
A few years after the charity event in Cleveland King had an idea for another boxing match. He created a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman and they only agreed o fight is he got a 5 million dollar pursue. “However, King did not have the money, so he began looking for an outside country to sponsor the event”(Wikipedia). His idea was to have a fight in South Africa known as “The Rumble in the Jungle”.The boxing event was in 1974 held in Kinshasa,Zaire. Ali had won the fight in knockout during the 8th round. This was Don King's first big boxing promoting event which kick-started King into his career because it was argued and named “The greatest sporting event of the 20th Century”(Wikipedia).
Don King's next big fight was “The Thrilla in Manilla” which was yet another fight with Muhammad Ali but this time with Joe Frazier. This fight dated back to 1975 in Araneta Coliseum and Ali again was fighting in a championship tournament. This fight was not only much awaited but it also happened to prove to be very dangerous for both of the fights. While Ali was in bad shape from the punches he took from his opponent, Frazier was blinded by the end of the fight. During the fight in the 9th round Ali had said “Man, this is the closest I've ever been to dying”(Wikipedia). After the 14th round Ali finally won by knockout. Even though it...

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