Don't Be Mean, Keep It Clean

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Pollution. Many people know what this term means in the aspect of how it negatively affects the lives of human beings. However, many people generally don’t care about this problem (Buchanan and Horwitz). Pollution is a serious problem that deserves to have immediate action done to prevent it. This issue has ruined the lives of many people, especially the elderly and young children (Bily 42, 43). Pollution is a deadly and lethal problem, but can be fixed by passing new laws, having people conserve resources, and have jobs that are made for pollution clean up.
As a whole, pollution affects people and the environment. Statistics from the EPA show that about 630,000 children in the US are born with a risk of brain damage due to elevated levels of mercury in the mothers (Bily 58). And, according to a study in Sweden, lymphoma occurs five-times more in people exposed to herbicides (Bily 73). This means that farmers are at the highest risk of lymphoma because of their constant exposure to herbicides. An unfortunate fact about the US is that 45 states have issued warnings of fish having mercury poisoning (Bily 124). Another issue that has negative impact on society is acid rain. When rain and nitric acid mix together to form acid rain, it can destroy trees, buildings, and statues (Tennesen).
One pollution problem our planet has is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This floating mass of 3 1/2 million tons of trash is about twice the size of the state of Texas. The main component of the Patch is plastic. Specifically, they are tiny pieces of plastic. A downside to having plastic garbage is that it will not biodegrade for hundreds of years. On average, the Patch kills about one million birds and 100,000 ocean animals every year. Furthermore, there are four other garbage patches in oceans around the world. Each of these patches comes with its poisons that are contained within the plastics. Scientists are currently trying to find out how they can extract the plastic without harming marine life, but the problem turns out to be very challenging (“An Ocean Of Trash”).
In the past, there was a severe pollution epidemic that happened in London. It became known as the Great London Smog of 1952, and it will always be remembered as one of the worst disasters to hit London. A cocktail of many factors, including freezing surface temperatures, the burning of coal by millions of people, and a massive fog that settled over London, were the reasons why this tragedy took place. When a deadly smog was created, about 4,000 people died directly from it, and over 8,000 more died from long-term effects. Efforts made by the victims of the Smog were proved futile. People had tried to put on masks to prevent themselves from breathing the air; metal particles in the air, unfortunately, were able to pass right through the masks. Over the four-day course of the Smog, visibility grew to be less than three meters. Though this may be, the citizens of London took notice of the...

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