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Don't Bug MeThe other day a bug, a spider to be precise, was murdered in my presence. Crawling majestically upon eight tiny, marvelous legs, the arachnid made its way to the corner of the room and...splat. Gone, in an instant. The comment was made: "I wish someone thirty times your size would come at you with a fly swatter" by my pro-bug friend. I myself have never liked insects, and many a spider lost its life to my accuracy with a newspaper. Yet I can't help but begin to feel remorse: who are these bugs? Where were they going? And why does the animal with no natural predator fear them?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is hard to admit that there is beauty in the vermillion tones of a beetle's skull. A chirping cricket is a tiny song bird in Japan, kept in a pretty gilt cage to soothe away tension as it rubs its legs together. The word "bug" alone has a negative connotation to it. You don't pick on someone, you bug them. When your computer crashes, it usually has a bug. Malaria? Well, that's spread by a bug. It is easy to understand how bugs have become so hated-they are the scapegoat of the animal kingdom. Nobody enjoys being bitten by one, and they are a marvelous medium to spread an epidemic through. Many bugs harm crops, leaving a corrosive trail through the foliage and eating the greens. They harass your house, your dog, and you. The slimy trail that so many bugs leave as their calling card is a little hard to defend as well. Surely though, to bug is not to be all bad.Without bugs, our ecosystem would falter. The...

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958 words - 4 pages not worth it. I'd squish you like a bug and you know it! I am my own authority, I don't take orders from anyone, I give them. You would love to be me, wouldn't you? To have the ability to hold people at your mercy, just for the fun of it and to have power over anyone. Power is such a complex, yet astounding feeling. It makes me feel as though the whole world would not exist, nor survive without me. The aspect of crushing and picking on the most

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949 words - 4 pages years! So to me my daddy died a long time ago so don't you dare tell me that my DADDY is here NOW!! You may have helped make me but you left my life and my heart behind you when I was 4. FOUR YEARS OLD!!! You know what...why don't you and your pretty little wife bug your own children. I don't want you in my life!!! And neither does my family! LEAVE ME ALONE......(Father turns and walks away. Jenny moves back into her mother's hospital room. She


854 words - 3 pages moving to Beverly Hills.'I can't wait to leave, we'll start our whole live over and never have money problems again,' replied Suzy.'The best part of it is I'll never have to work another day,' replied Herb.'Ya and no one will ever bug me again because we don't have money,' Mark exclaimed.The next week was the best week of their lives. Once they got to their Beverly Hills mansion they decided to just relax fora few days before they decided where to

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558 words - 2 pages are not just any kind of bug because of how hard it is to kill them. It seems like everything you try doesn't work it just helps them reproduce. I read over this paper and wonder why people do these things. Our lives would be much easier and stress free without some of these troublesome things. Don't you ever look at an inventing and wonder what kind of moron had enough time to think of something like that? Just think of all the time, money, and energy you waste doing some of these everyday jobs. Just think of all the things we never use and all the things that annoy you.

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1507 words - 6 pages Gregor only really respects his father when he’s working and only respects himself the same. Even when Gregor awoke as a bug, he was still only concerned with fulfilling his responsibilities at work. After knowing something was wrong, considering he was physically incapable of getting out of bed, he tells the chief clerk, “I'll set off with the eight o'clock train, as well, these few hours of rest have given me strength. You don't need to wait

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1338 words - 6 pages her for reloading with the other. She took it tenderly with her pink fingers and turned it over a couple of times before creaking a question to the larger bug. "Don't worry about it." He fobbed her off as he checked the rifle. "Bring me some grenades then." This was his kind of fight now, a good bottle neck and a full clip, if only he had time for a quick pick me up before he began. Giving Dana a reassuring glance he broke cover just as the

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660 words - 3 pages failed then," I groaned. "Join the club" Amy whimpered. "Hey look at that insect!" Andrew screeched in a high pitched voice as he ran up to a display that held a funny looking bug. A long slithery insect from inside the display case was jumping about. Andrew sounds like that when he gets excited. We don't know why, he just does. "This place is giving me the creeps!" Amy Shivered. Amy wore a dark blue tee shirt over gray track pants. She

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1200 words - 5 pages As a child, I grew up wishing I had an older brother so that I could get away with my roguish acts more easily. Instead, I was blessed being the youngest and only boy of three. This did not hinder me from being a wild mischievous boy, who picked on his sisters any available chance. Even though I was always indecisive about the decisions I made, I always had a clear plan of attack on how I would madden my sisters next. "Travis, telephone. It's

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877 words - 4 pages , because of him. Gregor continues to build up stressors even as a bug because he begin to blame his family’s suffering on himself. At this point Gregor stops eating and become sad and he unsure why, “he spend his nights and days with hardly any sleep, [thinking] the next time the door opened he would take over the family arrangement just as he had earlier”(18). Unlike Gregor my family doesn’t rely on me to work and provide for them. My parents have

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