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Don't Cause An Accident Essay

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As mentioned before, getting a federal law passed takes more steps than a state or local law. A member of Congress must first introduce the bill. After the bill is introduced to Congress it is then referred to a committee or multiple committees. The committee that the bill is referred to depends on what committee has jurisdiction over the primary issue of the bill (Steps in Making a Bill a Law: The Federal Legislative Process). Sometimes the bill is referred to a subcommittee first. According to, “Steps in Making a Bill a Law: The Federal Legislative Process,” once referred to a committee, “The chairman of the Committee determines whether there will be a hearing on the bill and whether ...view middle of the document...

If a majority vote passes the bill, the next step is to refer the bill to the other chamber, where the bill goes through committee and floor action again. The chamber has the ability to approve the bill, reject it, ignore it, or make changes to it before passing it (Steps in Making a Bill a Law: The Federal Legislative Process). If the other chamber only makes minor changes to the bill, then legislation usually goes back to the original chamber for a concurring vote. If both chambers reach an agreement, then a conference report is prepared describing recommendations for changes. Both the House and the Senate must approve the conference report. If either chamber rejects the conference report the bill dies (Steps in Making a Bill a Law: The Federal Legislative Process). If both the House and the Senate approve of the conference report, the final bill is sent to the President. The final step to making a bill a law is approval by the President. If the President approves the bill, he signs it and it becomes a law. If the President does not approve of the bill, he can veto it. If the President vetoes the bill, it does not become a law (Steps in Making a Bill a Law: The Federal Legislative Process). Depending on how well each step goes, the bill could take years to finally become a law.
If one wants to get a law implemented in his or her state, he or she can take multiple steps. First, one could write to his or her congressman about why the law should be implemented. If one does not know whom his or her congressman is or how to contact the congressman, then he or she can choose to write to someone else. He or she can choose to write to his or her state senate instead. Overall, there are multiple people throughout one’s state, that he or she can write to in order to get his or her idea recognized. The first step in getting a law passed is recognition. Once his or her idea is recognized, by someone who can take action, there are endless possibilities of what could happen.
If you had the ability to save lives, would you take action? By taking one simple...

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