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Don't Drop Out Of High School!

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, why do I have to go to school? I’m pretty sure everyone has asked that question once in his or her lifetime and you probably still haven’t gotten the answer you want. Your parents might say, “Because it’s important to learn.” But why? Why do you need to learn? There are many important reasons why you need to learn. I will explain these in my essay. But first, you must know that finishing your education means graduating high school. If you drop out of high school because you believe that you don’t need to learn, it can have long term effects on you and it is definitely not a good decision to make. You should not drop out of high school because you are most ...view middle of the document...

The player that chooses to drop out of high school ends up getting a job that pays 19,000 a year. However, the player that chooses to go through high school and finishes their classes gets a job that pays 28,000 a year. The player that drops out of high school lives in poverty and is struggling to get the things they need. However, the player that went through high school is getting enough money, enjoying their job, and generally succeeding in life. Which path would you choose? I think we would all pick the path that goes through high school.
Another reason why you should definitely not drop out of high school is that you won’t find many jobs. Many high school dropouts are left with lower paying jobs than high school graduates. Also, high school dropouts are 3 times as likely as high school graduates to be unemployed (Career Connections). The unemployment rate of high school dropouts is an astonishing 13.1%; meanwhile high school graduates only have an unemployment rate of 8.4% (Huffington Post). Dropping out gives you a low-paying job. Dropping out makes you lack education. Dropping out shows employers that you lack experience and need a job. Do you really want to live like this? Also, as the job market is become more and more competitive, it is harder to find jobs for everyone. However, many jobs are now requiring high school diplomas and sometimes even a master’s degree. So, this change is making it harder for high school dropouts to find jobs because they don’t have the high school diplomas that many jobs require (The Dropout Dilemma).
Lastly, you shouldn’t consider dropping out of high school because you are more likely to commit a crime or get involved in bad things than people who graduate. Nationally, 68 percent of the people in state prisons are high school dropouts (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, California). Many other jails and prisons have big percentages as well. For example, the Sherriff of the town that has a smaller prison, Berrien County Jail, said that a whopping 81.2 percent of the inmates they have today are high school dropouts (Career Connections). So, how likely is it that a high school graduate commits a...

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