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What are you afraid of? Many people are afraid of many things such as death, heights, bugs, or public speaking; but the fear of change ranks high in the list of things that trigger anxiety (Radwan). Is there a reasonable answer why people neglect change nowadays? In fact, there is more than one answer to this question. Change has become such an important aspect of our everyday life that it is impossible to ignore. When it comes to the idea of change, most people will readily agree that some individuals try their hardest to avoid change. The reason behind this known theory is that those individuals don’t fear change; they fear being changed (Rabadam). In the end, change is something that drives them away from wanting to experience other things besides what that individual is comfortable with.
In order to examine this issue thoroughly, an individual must carefully analyze the meaning of change. Change signifies the act or instance of making or becoming different. Change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone (Webb). People fear change because of the “unknown.” What this means exactly is that people fear their own abilities to cope with whatever is coming up next. Fear of change and fear of the unknown are related because they both mean moving into unfamiliar territory. When people are comfortable with a certain situation, they tend to shy away from other situations. As a result, this creates distinctive psychological reasons why individuals begin to stay clear of change.
Following this further, one reason people fear change is that they are afraid of failure. This is the most common reason. For instance, fear of failure most likely been caused by an unfortunate past experience that the individual has been through. What this means is that people who experienced emotional instability after failing to do something might avoid doing that thing for the rest of their life. In fact, the main reason to fear failure is how we imagine how others will view us when we fail. For example, if an individual keeps doing the same thing over and over, then the results will never change. As Albert Einstein stated, “a person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new” (Brenner). Failure is not the enemy, but a life-changing experience. It is a human experience, and it prepares the way for us to grow and transform our lives. Mistakes are essential to the development of life, just as change is. Nevertheless, change is said to prepare us for life and without change, life would persistently be the same.
Admittedly, childhood experiences affect your adulthood. For instance, overprotective parents and parents who spoil their children are those who indirectly teach them to be afraid to change. In the same way, over protection can cause the children to be unready for the real world. When the kids do get out into the real world, they don’t know how to handle it. The individual will be so used to what they knew when growing up that that is all they...

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