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Don’t Forget To Ask Your Racehorse Syndicate These Questions

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Racehorse syndication is an exciting world to be a part of. If you’ve always wanted to join one, there are several crucial questions you need to ask your syndicate before subscribing.
Here at BlueBlood Thoroughbreds, we encourage our clients to ask first before signing up. Being a part of a syndicate is thrilling, but it can easily become confusing or overwhelming to those new to the setup.
To make it easier, we’ve compiled 7 common questions every person looking to buy a horse or join a syndicate should ask.
1. What is a racehorse syndicate? What are its advantages from sole-ownership?
Racehorse syndicates are a form of thoroughbred ownership where a group of people share in the ...view middle of the document...

What are the costs and expenses if I sign up?
Reliable syndicates will make this information available to their customers. As a potential owner, it’s crucial to know the costs and expenses of thoroughbred ownership ahead of time. At BlueBlood, we provide a Product Disclosure Agreement (PDS) or an information packet through email or regular mail. This outlines the prices of the trainer, upkeep and other details required when joining the group.
4. What are the benefits offered when you join?
This is where most syndicates differ. Some of the major benefits are outlined below:
• Percentage of the prize money
• Naming rights to the horse
• Access to the track and inspection days
• Meeting people involved in handling your horse and those making the races possible
• Important training information updates and insider reports
• Photos and various video images of your racehorse and jockey in action
These are only some of the benefits to expect. Again, it would vary between syndicates.
We offer all of these perks (and more) to our clients here at BlueBlood. You can find out more by visiting this page or by contacting us directly.
5. What are the available payment options? Is there a financing plan?
Don’t forget to ask about this part. Syndicates often provide a good financing option for new racehorse investors....

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