Don’t Get Me Started Essay

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Don’t get me Started
Twilight just like the film it moves up the jagged slopes extinguishing the last fires of hope from anyone that sees it. Twilight is just like a diamond in the rough you see a small shining light on its surface but sadly once you watch it you will see this film is black to the core. Like most things beauty is only skin deep.
Well where should we begin? I know picture this… Your heart is racing as you walk into the movie cinema a blood lust speaks to you as you get in touch with your dark side. You walk into a pitch black room you hear noises all around. Your heart starts to race as a faint light shines into this room as the screen begins to light up. Fear fills your body. It grips you. Holds you. Is this the end? Sadly no this is just the beginning of a film that drains the life from you every second that you watch. I have seen this film once and only once and I will never get that time back as time is a river the current takes us down stream and there is no way to revert the flow...
I was forced to the cinema by my sister she dragged me there on a dark dull rainy day the rain was both a fading memory and a distant past that I wish I could just forget. I can still see these haunting images in my head as we walk into the cinema. Blank faces follow are every movement they stair never looking away every time I looked over my shoulder they were still watching I didn't know what to do just I pretended that they were not there. Now I know the meaning of this that film changed them it took hold of them and it won't let them go. They are just empty husks that the film corrupted. I was lucky as I could see minutes into the film what was going on I just left and that had to be the best choice that I ever made.
Hopefully when the time comes you will make the right choice too.
Why would you watch this dull movie you could watch a real vampire film such as Dracula (or watch paint dry it’s just as interesting.) Dracula is a classic vampire film it creates an atmosphere of pure terror thought out as the...

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