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Don't Get Me Started On Essay

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In life you will experience different types of annoyance’s; some extreme and some you can cope with. Although you may think that you can handle it and you can push it down, some things just need to be spoken about, just like religious discrimination. It needs to be spoken about. The amount of people who discriminates against others who are religious is astonishing and most people do not even fully understand the religion or religion as a whole.
When people discriminate about religion, it annoys me because they do not care about how deeply it can hurt others and the consequences of what will happen; especially when they do not understand the religion or what they have said. It is estimated ...view middle of the document...

Many of my points are to do with how people feel and their emotions towards those people and I think that is exactly what people need to think about. I don’t think it needs to be about statistics and facts, it should simply be about what they are feeling and what it can do to them inside. It could crush someone; all their beliefs and dreams disarmed by people who do not know what they are talking about or what that religion really does for that person. It could be their home, their safe place, somewhere to be able to think and for someone to come along and destroy that, it is not right and should be stopped!
Unfortunately, I do not believe that in the near future it will end because it won’t; it may never end and that is probably the scariest part of this because people will have to learn to live with it when they should not have to, and there will always be that one person who thinks it's fine to laugh and bully others because of their religion but it is not fine and it should not be allowed.
One in four children get bullied because of their faith and I personally think children get the most bullied because of their surroundings and other children not understanding religion as much as adults. According to a study, those bullied because of their religious beliefs often began to question their faith,...

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