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Don't Have To Be Alone Essay

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Anyone can find a way to contact another person if they choose, but it is this ability to choose to do so that leaves us with what we call the dominant discourse and the other groups. Materialistic things have become a great contributor to the defining and deciding of these two groups. People have become exclusive in who they converse with because of these materialistic things. It has trickled down through the generations and has created a big problem among children. They are now excluding each other based on what they where or own and they age that they do this at is getting younger and younger. Though this is a terrible thing to be happening it is not all bad. These exclusions and groupings if guided right through parenting or teaching can be part of a completely new social learning experience. Each type of situation is what is later going to be how a kid reacts during life. At one point or another a person will be put into a situation of being an “other” and though it is depressing to know it is a part of life.
The dominant discourse growing up was clothes and the things you owned, and though some of it has changed the very idea of materialistic things and ownership of stuff is still true to today. I call it things and stuff is because that is what they are just things and stuff, but we still in society today people excluding other people because they don't have certain things or stuff. Harsh growing up with these realizations are in fact what shape us into the people we are today. Just as Pratt states in her essay “American geography and history took shape in his mind through baseball cards. Much of his social life revolved around trading them, and he learned about exchange, fairness, trust, the importance of processes as opposed to results, what it means to get cheated, taken advantage of, even robbed. Baseball cards were the medium of economic life too. Nowhere better to learn the power and arbitrariness of money, the absolute divorce between value and exchange value, notions long- and short-term investment, the possibility of personal values that are independent of market values.” (Pratt 181). Pratt lets us know that you learned life values even though it was tough. Growing up I felt like I was out of the dominant discourse. It sucked, I felt unwanted and depressed all the time. Going home on weekends and having no one to hangout with sucked. Then one day a talk of video games came about and I was soon included into the group. Showing that my value in the dominant discourse was based off the value of my video game knowledge and skill. So spent many hours playing and researching new ways to beat the game or gain respect through my peers. It may seem kind of silly but I became better known with how to do research and the cyber world around due to many hours put in online trying to find new things that would impress the dominant discourse. If I hadn't tried my hardest to be part of the dominant discourse I might...

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