Don't Judge A Celebrity By It's Cover

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Humans are judgmental creatures by nature. Since our inception it has been programmed into our brains to be this way and at one point with due cause. It was vital for the preservation of our species to make observations and respond to stimuli in our environments. However, as a necessity, being judgmental has for the most part dissipated. It is no longer vital to our existence to determine on the first encounter with a unfamiliar entity whether or not they are going to be friend or foe; if they bare their teeth and the hair on the back of their neck stands up, our culture acknowledges the safer bet is the latter. Our large processing powers instead are being utilized as a means to pass judgement on the actions of others in a purely superficial light, and unfortunately our culture is guilty of partaking in this far too often.

A friend once described a psychology project where all the students did was observe other people interacting and then take notes on what they saw; people watching is what the segment of the class was called. Albeit this form of observing is just that, observational, and no real judgement is being passed. Although, the notion that information can be relayed solely through ones' perceived actions without any supplemental information is a plague in our culture.

While the attempt has been made to remove such behavior as the ideology "don't judge a book by it's cover" implies, our culture now just reads the table of contents, authors foreword, and first few chapters before passing their judgement. This is no better exemplified by the relationship we share with celebrities. The way we interact with the upper echelon of the social hierarchy, the rich and the famous, leads way to a intimacy and understanding our culture inaccurately believes we hold with celebrities, which creates a medium for unjust scrutiny. Based off the misconceived familiarity that we possess with celebrities, our culture mandates that they hold true to the way we tell them to live; as Daniel Harris describes it in his essay Celebrity Bodies: "… forcing them to live in a kind of internment camp, albeit one with all the amenities of a spa." (430)

Celebrities are put on display and broadcasted in ways they never have been before. The general population is awarded front row tickets and VIP passes to the live's of their favorite musicians or actors through the social media networks that the present day in age has made commonplace. At any given point in time through out the day, @taylorswift13 can share with her 8,607,057 followers on exactly what she is ordering at her favorite restaurant or her appreciation for how loud the audience was at her last concert.

Anyone can go on google and type in "Justin Bieber's favorite things" and the list: 75 Things You Should Now About Justin Bieber featured on is the first link presented, revealing such information as Mr. Bieber: "Likes vitamin water, loves orange juice, and takes 20...

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