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Don't, Just Don't. Essay

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When I awoke, I was being harshly shook. I opened my eyes to see 3 paramedics looking down at me.

I immediately jolted backwards and managed to whisper "W-w-where are my parents?".

They had some kind of silent conversation which caused me to feel extremely uncomfortable but they finally turned back to me and a brunette female paramedic decided to break the news. "They couldn't make it. I'm so sorry."

For almost a minute I remained silent breathing in and out and taking it all in. I chuckled and they stared at me weirdly. "Omg, what a great prank! Come out Jenny!" I called to my best friend.

"Jenny? We're being serious. I'm sorry Miss but this isn't a prank." a blonde male said.

"Wait, your serious." I said and realized that indeed he was telling the truth.

I couldn't sob my heart out in front of them though and I felt like I needed some time alone. No one besides Jenny and my family has ever actually seen me cry. I never like to cry in front of people.

"Your going to need to be taken to the hospital if that's fine with you." the 3rd paramedic finally said.

I thought about it for a minute and mumbled "Yeah, I guess that's okay. Is it possible for me to drive there by myself? I would like a few moments by myself.".

The nice lady who I knew I was probably going to get along with very well said "Of course! That's no problem.".


When they left, I got out of the now cleared basement and looked around at our house. More than half of the furniture hadn't survived and was knocked over or apart. There were pieces of glass everywhere and it felt like all of my childhood had been destroyed.

The hospital was probably going to call and wonder where I was so I got my phone which I wasn't smart enough to take with me to the basement and my car keys. I walked out of the house and it felt really strange since the door had been knocked over.

I finally got into my pick-up truck since that was obviously the best my parents...

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