Why High Schools Should Provide Condoms And Sexual Education For Students

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My research paper is about why high schools should provide condoms for students, along with comprehensive sexual education programs. I hope to enlighten the reader about sexual education in high school by answering these questions: How will providing condoms keep students safe? Will sexual education benefit kids? And finally, did not having sex ed affect the generation before us? My view is that most teens are going to have sex, it’s natural and instinctual, but making teens less ignorant about sex and provide them with a way to practice safer sex will result in less teenage pregnancies, STDs, and smarter choices regarding sex. The articles I chose are medically accurate and provide reasons to support sex ed programs and why it’s important to talk to teens about healthy sexual choices.
Kieffer, Chris. "Sex ed debate: Teaching about contraception is a key divide." Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (Tupelo, MS) 03 Oct. 2013: Points of View Reference Center. Web. 8 Nov. 2013.
The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal uses information from Mississippi to concur more youth are having sex and having babies in their state. Their solution is to install sex ed in their curriculum to reduce these numbers. Another thing it talks about how they have had abstinence-only sex ed for five years, so obviously that wasn’t working. I will use this study to demonstrate the need of comprehensive sex ed in school’s curriculum, not just prude old people telling teens not to have sex and they will go to Hell if they do. I believe this will show the need for real options in a state with the most sexually active and pregnant teenagers.
"School Condom Availability." School Condom Availability. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Nov. 2013.
This article clearly states condom availability programs have benefitted schools and don’t encourage sexual activity. It says that teens don’t have access to contraceptives and making them more available will reduce the rates of teen pregnancies, STDs, and will increase safer sexual behavior in high school. It also says that condoms are a lot more effective than students are told or most sex ed programs are willing to disclose. I will use this article to prove that making condoms available for high school students...

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