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Don't Lower The Drinking Age Essay

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Despite the problems that would arise, many people are beginning to feel that the drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen. Studies have been made; however, no hard evidence suggesting lowering the minimum drinking age would help have surfaced. Although there are countless studies of how alcohol has many harmful effects on teenagers, there is a great deal of negative criticism about what if the drinking age is lowered. Some would say the morally right decision is to not allow teens the chance to hurt themselves. Everyone is entitled to having his or her own opinions and beliefs. However, the overall health of the youth of our country seems a little more important than some personal belief. The drinking age should not be lowered due to the fact drunk driving, juvenile delinquency, and alcohol-related medical issues related to teens will increase.
It really is no secret that if the minimum legal drinking age were lowered, a large number of teens would then drink for perhaps the first time. “The age group with the most drivers involved in fatal crashes with Blood Alcohol Content levels of .08 or higher during 2011 was the twenty-one to twenty-four-year-olds” (“National Highway Traffic Facts”). Young adults are just as irresponsible at eighteen as they are at twenty-one, maybe even more irresponsible. The teenagers will indulge themselves on what they feel is a luxury the first chance they get. The young adults abuse the alcohol, and then go driving because even at twenty-one through twenty-four they are still not as responsible. If the age is lowered to eighteen, many eighteen-year-olds will go out and drink alcohol for the first time. The age group may rise to number one in fatal crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that "In 2011 20% of the total drunk drivers were from ages sixteen to twenty-one, and it's steadily growing"(“National Highway Traffic Facts”). This shows how 20% of the total drunk drivers in America are not even drinking legally. If so many teens are drinking and driving irresponsibly, what will happen when the age is lowered to eighteen? Many more teens will drink. Not all of the young adults will abuse the privilege to drink, but a large number will. Americans tend not to treat alcohol with respect, and therefore abuse it.
The people who are drinking and driving the most, are those who feel they know the most about what can and cannot be done. It is no coincidence that the highest percentage of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes is the percentage who is finally able to drink. If the drinking age was lowered, many young teens will then be able to drink legally for the first time. There will be a substantial increase in drunk drivers. Adults should set the stage for the teens becoming young adults. One reason why teens drink and drive is due to the adults setting a poor example. According to Aaseng, “Approximately 1.5 million Americans will be arrested this year for driving while...

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