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Don't Pull The Plug The Draining Of Lake Powell

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Don't Pull the Plug Its a place where people can find themselves having a great time doing things they love, while being on a beautiful shimmering lake surrounded by magnificent sand stone walls. Now who would want to take this away from anybody or ruin its perfect image? Environmentalists, the people who may be putting the wonderful landmark Lake Powell at risk. They may have their reasons, to them being ever so important, but the reasons to not drain it out run the reasons to do so by far. Yet, the three basic reasons why Lake Powell should not be drained is because of the loss of tourism, the negative environmental concerns and the basic overall final cost of the proposed operation. As of now, Lake Powell is a one of those hot spots to spend your free time or vacations. Spending their days on a houseboat doing all sorts of recreational things or in a teenagers case and MTV, Powell being its main location for its spring break celebration, a great place to party. If this tour attraction were to be drained all of this would disappear and for what? To make it virtually impossible to get to again? If there were no water to get up the canyon, access would be very difficult by foot. In result making the new venue unappealing to tourists. Plus, with the predicted health and environmental concerns, who would want it to be a destination for their next vacation anyways. Lake Powell is now a place where you can surround yourself with and breathe its air without worrying about your health being in danger. This may not be for long, seeing how if the reservoir's future was up to these supposed environmentalists. The basic health risk is that when the already existing pollution is exposed to the...

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