Don’t Tell Mummy: A Book Report

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Having faced the ultimate betrayal by her mother and the horrendous abuse by her father, Toni Maguire shares her story in the nonfictional book Don’t Tell Mummy. Toni Maguire’s book Don’t tell Mummy was one of UK’s bestsellers in 2007. On her WordPress blog Toni talked about her inspiration behind the book, stating “Writing about my experiences has helped me deal with the past and realize that there is no shame in being victimized.” She wrote a sequel to Don’t Tell Mummy called When Daddy Comes Home which talks about the emotional trauma and abuse she experienced on his return and how her mom continued to neglect and betray her. She later states on her blog that where children are victims, ...view middle of the document...

That night she wrestled with her past, the childhood voice of Antoinette that she tried to repress for so many year was back. The voice of Antoinette was whispering in her ear trying to take her back to those very moments when it all happened. Toni tried to wrestle and resist but Antoinette won that fight. By Toni wrestling with Antoinette she displays her strength by giving in to Antoinette. In order for Toni to move forward from her past she had to first face it and then accept it.
Game of Happy Families
Back in Belfast as a little girl, when things were still nice between she and her mom, her mom would show her the various types of flowers and they would plant them together. She and her mom would make tea and have soda bread, but when Antoinette was younger she usually had squash. Things seemed perfect for little Antoinette but little did she know, that when her dad walked through those doors her life was going to be forever impacted. Things got crazy when he arrived and even before that. Antoinette and her mom went on a crazy cleaning spree prior to his arrival. Dressed in the finest clothes, all for this man, that seemed more like a visitor than a father to Antoinette. He greeted Antoinette with chocolates and her mom with fancy presents like silk stockings. The man that walked through that door, the happy husband, the loving Father did not stay for long. Shortly after his arrival to their house things begin to change. When her father came home from the army and lost his job and wasted all his money he would spend nights out drinking and gambling and often times come in at night and him and her mother would argue. Her mom would often at times take on extra hours at work to make up for the loss of income brought on by her dad. Antoinette’s mom had this dream of having a happy family being able to own a house of her own. What Antoinette mom really meant by a happy family was a happy husband. Antoinette for security, held on to her red elephant named Dumbo that her dad got her for her birthday, she would hold him at night when she would feel anxious from all the tension and arguing. Following her gift of Dumbo her mom later took her to pick out a puppy that she had wanted for so long and also enrolled Antoinette into a private school. She called the puppy Judy. This puppy little did she know would become the closest thing to her. When grandma came to town Antoinette happiness was complete. Her grandmother did not like her father very much though and explained later why she stopped visiting Antoinette. She never liked Antoinette’s dad. Not only did her grandmother dislike her dad but also Judy the new puppy. Most days when Antoinette’s dad arrived, Antoinette could never tell which man he would be, wondering if he would be the nice man that brought her chocolates or would he be the dad steaming with anger in his eyes. For the remainder of Antoinette’s years in the home of her parents, her mom played the game "Happy Families" in which her...

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