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Don’t Wait For Anything To Open Shelters!

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Homelessness is a person or a family to don’t have a place to use as a house or shelter. US government provides emergency/winter shelters for homeless people living in the United States. Winter shelters are really useful for homeless people, but there is one problem about this service. States have the control of opening and closing these shelters. Before the beginning of winter, every state chooses a temperature to open winter shelters, and they open shelters when the weather is lower than the chosen temperature. For example New York City decided to open its winter shelters when the weather is colder than 32 F previous winter. Every state has a different temperature to open its shelters. ...view middle of the document...

All the homeless people are not gamblers and drunks. Society should now that. Citizens shouldn’t consider homeless people as vicious people. There are some really innocent gracious people suffering on streets. Natural disaster or other unlucky situations may happen to you, to me, and to everyone. US citizens mustn’t let government keep its shelters close for that unlucky people in winter. Government mustn’t risk veterans’ and other unlucky people’s life.
Cold weather can cause hypothermia, frostbite dehydration and other serious diseases. Most of the diseases caused by cold weather can be lethal if not treated properly and at the accurate time. According to The National Coalition for the Homeless, approximately 700 homeless people die in US because of hypothermia every year. That statistic shows us how homeless people suffer because of lack of shelter. People live in the streets with their families. Children and babies are freezing to death, as government scrimps its money. That is what unfair means. Babies are freezing outside, and we need to say stop for this. What is the fault of that innocent babies and children? They are just born unlucky, and they need protection. The most possible way to protect that children and people from the danger of homelessness is to stop being stingy and opening winter shelters every single day in winter.
Government officers defend that opening winter shelters throughout whole winter season would be a catastrophe for country economy. I think this idea is really selfish. Even winter shelters are not the permanent solution. Providing shelters is just a temporary solution. Permanent solution is housing, but it is far more expensive than winter shelters and it needs a long time to provide home to every single homeless person. As housing people in a really short time is inconceivable, government at least needs to provide people shelter for winter. What is the point of having money in state safe while people are dying because of cold outside? That money’s aim is to make people’s life better, and saving people’s life with...

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