Donald Super's Career Development Theory Essay

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Introduction Donald Super was of the opinion that the career transitions was the direct result of de-stability in the personal events or the socio-economy. Under these circumstances it was not a special event if a transition took place from one particular life stage to the next one. A sense of experience is developed through the career development theories. One can predict the future and explain the past and as a result a clear direction is obtained due to these theories. According to Super's Theory career development depended on many factors. These factors are fully realized when people reach sufficient maturity. Socioeconomic factor, the abilities relating to mantel and physical conditions, personal characteristics and the opportunities which the person encounter and make the career pattern clear and workable. To find satisfaction in career most of the people try to find it in their work role and at the same time they are able to develop the self concepts. Maturity in careers do not come so easily some time it takes the whole span of life to reach such a stage where one could become confident that he has attained maturity in his work. In Super's opinion self concept is a very important part of his theory. The self-concept is not that easy to attain. It may develop though mental growth, physical ability, to identify with the adults one is working with, general experience and environment. When the awareness of work become at par with the experience than the vocational self concept turns more sophisticated and the formation becomes more complete. In the beginning Super presented various stages and tasks in such a manner which was in sequence, but at a later stage he made some adjustments and added that the changes to ourselves under gone cycling and recycling through our lives and thus we adopted the changing trends in the working place. The stages presented by Super were a great help in career development and it provided appropriate responses for all the related activities. Six factors were identified by Super in vocational maturity i.e. to have awareness for planning ahead, improve the skills of decision making, to know how to use and have a knowledge of information sources, general information about career, work information in a global sense and to have update knowledge about occupations of preference. It is a fact that human beings play different roles during their lifetime and every role is given relative importance at different stages of our lives. Super also looked at the different roles we play during our lifetimes and the relative importance we give to those roles at different times in our lives. Super tried to formalize the stages and development which span over the life span of human beings. According to his theory the first state should be called growth. The age limit starts from the birth and goes as far as 14 to 15 years. During this period one should form self concept, should develop capacity, interest and needs and at the same...

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