Donna Dubinsky. The Business Strategy Of Dubinsky Led Apple Computer Inc. To Become A Major Player In The Computer Industry

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IntroductionIn dealing with change and how it affects the individual at a professional level, the Donna Dubinsky Case exemplifies the concept at its maximum. She has had a promising career: her goals and objectives have always been achieved and in many instances outwitted. She has had the support of her boss, Roy Weaver, since the day she arrived Apple Computers; and Weaver has expanded her responsibilities, challenged and rewarded her for her good contributions to the expansion of her department. The dilemma between doing what she feels is best for the company or following the criteria of others, including those at much higher rankings than her, -thus putting her job at risk as well as her credibility in making the right decisions- sharply hits the protagonist in this case.Diagnosis of Company SituationDubinsky walks into Apple Computers in 1981, when the PC industry is in boom and the company is experiencing tremendous growth. Apple Computers is the leading PC manufacturer in the United States, and holds 32% of the market share in 1980. By 1985 it had more than 10 fold its operating revenues, but its market share had fallen to 24%. This particular situation begins to call upon the attention of Mr. Jobs, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Apple Computers as well as Vice President and General Manager of Macintosh, and insists that change is necessary for the continuous success of Apple Computers. His narrow idea of change is cost reduction, and his first move is to try to dismantle Dubinsky's department by shutting down the distribution channel, a move not supported by Dubinsky as she feels it would totally paralyze the company. It is important to mention that Jobs had invited Dubinsky in the past to be a part of his team at Macintosh, prospect rejected by Dubinsky. The refusal to accept the offer may have influenced Jobs' attitude against Dubinsky, thus making his obsession for change irrational and his actions biased by disappointment. However, the will for change is real, and it is flowing from the top down. While the Manufacturing Director, Debi Coleman, is preparing a Distribution Strategy Proposal, Dubinsky is at a shock and disbelief; the thought that such a change can actually take place is unacceptable, and thus hinders her ability to think rationally, putting her at a defensive state that sets her apart from negotiating. Even after top management had resolved to entrust the distribution problem to a task force composed of the parties involved and a few neutral individuals, Dubinsky finds herself in disagreement. Her position is understandable -she can't understand what the problem is- but her inability to team up and come to a resolution only stresses her situation and diminishes her position before the company. While the counterpart is making proposals, Dubinsky can only raise objections. Her lack of creative solutions and her negative contributions to the teamwork has only angered higher management. Dubinsky's lack of...

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