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Donna May Minden Essay

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Donna May Dyer, named after her uncle Don who was in the WWII at the time, was born August 12th 1945 on a hot Sunday in San Jose, California. Her two sisters, Carol and Beverly, were waiting for her to arrive eagerly. She was born into a loving family of 4. Her father, Andrew Dyer, was a car mechanic during the day and a security guard at night, whereas her mother Winona “Dorothy” Mitchell, worked in retail at Woolworth. They had the most beautiful marriage she had witnessed back then. One her most fond memories of her father was when he'd take her into work with him at a young age to show her off at work. At that time they didn't have car seats so she would stand next to her father and wrap her arms around him to keep steady. He made her feel very safe as they rode together. She loved her mother very much and she even thought of her as her role model even though she was the harsher and stricter parent. She recalled a time when they were over at her friends house for a holiday dinner and she kept on trying to say something but her mother was still talking and she yelled at her mother to shut up, which only got her a swift smack on her bum and she felt utterly humiliated though she knew she deserved it. Holidays were a stressful time for her and her family because they were very busy they had so many dinners and parties to attend, however they loved all of their friends and family so it was all worth it.
Money was never an issue for the Dyer clan and throughout her young life she never lacked for material things such as clothes, and food. But one of her familys favorite things to spend money on was incredible camping trips. During her summer holidays the family would pack up and go camping to places like Yosemite, Mount Madonna, and Tahoe. My grandma’s favorite part of the camping trips were when everyone would gather around the campfire. Everyone was fed and washed up for bed and the Uncles and Aunts would tell stories about when they were young. She’d be nestled between her mom and dad, all snug and warm and that was often how she fell asleep.
My Grandmother had a very charmed childhood. She lived in a nice neighborhood where everyone was like family. All the mothers would look out for the neighborhood kids and everyone was treated equally no matter what their social standing or wealth was. She remembered that late at night she'd stay up talking with her older sister Carol in their matching twin beds. The house that her and her family lived in back then had three bedrooms, one bathroom, a family room, a large kitchen and a dinette. Her two sisters, Bev and Carol, were each older than her which left her on her own a lot. Her best friend was Cherie and they would alternate having sleep overs at each other’s houses. One of her favorite things to play was with her Barbie and Skipper dolls. Her pet rabbit Petey was her best friend, and he was quite famous because he made the local newspaper for befriending the family dog, which as you can...

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