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Donnie Darko The Paranoid Schizophrenic Essay

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Donnie Darko is a teenager with a history of violence, and getting into trouble. He has issues with his family, and he get into fights easily with his parents, and siblings. One of the issues he has is because he tends to fall asleep in his bed, then wake up elsewhere out of his house, like a golf course, and the top of a mountain. His parents put Donnie into therapy for paranoid schizophrenia. At the beginning of the movie they find out he has stopped taking his medication for this disorder. One of the issues this disorder has on Donnie is that he believes a bunny watches him. It talks to him every chance it gets telling him to do terrible things, and causes Donnie to believe that the world is going to end at a specific time. Donnie leaves one night like he tends to do often in his sleep, because he was fallowing his friend bunny, Frank, who told Donnie to “Fallow him into the future.” He returns home only to find firefighters, and police officers covering his street. He finds out that a piece of aircraft debre had fallen into his room that night, and if he had been home it would have killed him. After this event he talks to his therapist about Frank, telling her how Frank told him the world is coming to an end. After that session, his therapist decides she want to try hypno therapy.
Frank later on asks Donnie if he believes in time travel. After which, Donnie goes to a teacher at his school and asks about time travel. His teacher explains some of it to him, then gives Donnie a book about the theory of time travel. This book was written by an older confused lady in Donnie's neighbor hood, who is always walking to and from her mail box. Donnie speaks to her and she simply tells him that “Every living creature on earth dies alone.” This statement scares Donnie, which is why his therapist believes he has paranoid schizophrenia. She states he doesn’t know how to handle the natural factors of life so he is acting out, and hallucinates. One of Donnie's newer hallucinations is that he can see sphere coming from other peoples chest, which seems to lead them to where they are supposed to go. When Donnie fallows his sphere it leads him to his parents room where he finds a gun, he ends up putting it back where it came from. Donnie Darko has a girlfriend, who he ends up confiding to about how he sees things and that the things he sees are what is written in the time travel book. He claims that it can’t be a coincidence. When he takes his girlfriend to the movies she falls a sleep, and Frank shows up. Donnie asks Frank about the bunny suit, and tells Frank to take it off. When Frank takes off the mast it reveals a man with a missing eye. Donnie asks about his eye, and all Frank says is “I am so sorry.”
His parents and sister leave on an airplane to go to his younger sister’s dance recital in another state, and are gone during halloween. So Donnie and his older sister throw a Halloween party. At this party he sees the spheres again and decides to take his...

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