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Dont Ask; My English Teacher Assigned Us To Write This And I Called It My Ithaka Since That Was The Name Of The Project

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It's two days after I received my newest client, Laura Stanger, the president of the Jared Company, who is currently being tried for shoplifting at Macy's, a department store in Fair Oaks Mall, Virginia. The manager of Macy's says that when Ms. Stanger was about to leave, she walked through the sensor, which suddenly beeped. Ms. Stanger was then found in possession with a diamond ring worth $15, 000 and is now awaiting her trial of whether sentenced guilty or not. After my conversation this afternoon with Ms. Stanger, her answers to my questions make me thoroughly believe that she is innocent of the crime. I have my case ready and I am ready for my eleventh case. As John C. Jeffries Jr., the dean of UVA, said, "The lawyer who is unable to think quantitatively, who cannot unpack and understand risk and valuation, cannot serve the business client effectively." I am no lawyer for any certain business, but instead hired by the businesses to be a lawyer for them. I am still a novice lawyer, in a way, for this is my third year out to face the world. And now I truly ask myself: Have I become what I really truly want to become (a lawyer)? I am a lawyer, however, I am not sure if I'm a very good lawyer. I know that later on in life, I might possibly lose cases, but I have reached my bliss of becoming a lawyer. To go to my bliss, I had to follow my dream of becoming a lawyer. I made it to my bliss by setting high goals, going to a good college, and having support from my family.(Senior year-high school)I tap my pencil against my table and I wonder what I should write for my application to University of Virginia. Finally, after 15 minutes of tapping my pencil, I decide to begin. "My name is Meg Dzeng, a Chinese-American girl from Oak Hill, Virginia. The reason I want to go to law school is mainly because I feel that the world is too unjust and I want to help those less unfortunate as me.' Of course, I'm not done, but that's my introduction so that part is done. Five days later, I finish my essay and I put it hesitantly in an envelope and write down the addresses. I grab my other applications and put them in my mailbox. Now comes the nervous waiting.I pace outside on the lawn waiting for the mail to come. I waited the last few days with patience, but now I can hold my patience no longer. I have to know if I made it to UVA. I got a 750 on my math and a 745 on my English SAT and my GPA for my sophomore, junior, and senior year in high school is a 4.0 GPA while my freshman GPA is a 3.8 GPA. I know I meet the requirements because throughout my years in high school, I did my community service (I spent my Saturdays helping out with BITS-Bulldog Instructional Tutoring for Students), and did extracurricular activities such as Debate Team, Outdoor Track and Field, etc. During my second year of Debate Team, I went to Nationals and got nineteenth place. For my classes I had taken in high school, I believe that I had done well. I did, in fact, receive an advanced...

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i dont want to write this

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