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Dont Follow The Leader Essay

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Don't Follow the Leader During my academic career I read a book called Locked in the Cabinet by Robert B. Reich. For our assignment we were to choose a leader and compare that leaders characteristics to the ones we have read about in the text and have discussed in class.What would make a leader? As a group our class discussed: Being charismatic The ability to motivate others A passionate vision they need to share Narcissism and does a leader need to be attractive Able to keep up a façade A strong team is needed to cover each area of a concept and to work for the goal of reaching a vision.I believe Robert Reich tried very hard by these standards to be a good leader, but was doomed from the beginning.We listed in class one of the first characteristics would be that a leader should be charismatic.I believe Reich was charismatic in his goals and the way he stuck to his believes to the end of his reign in the cabinet. I believe he had a passion, a vision he needed to share, he really believed he could make a difference.When his friend Bill Clinton gave Robert Reich the Secretary of Labor position. Robert seemed motivated and educated on the matter. He seemed to know what needed to be fixed in America. He stated in his journal: For more than fifteen years, people in the bottom half of earnings divide lost ground. The middle class has been squeezed. The very poor have become even poorer. The wage gap is widening at an alarming rate. Two great changes that started in the late 1970's the emergence of new technologies like computers, and the knit together of all the world's economies"¦ These"¦trends have created disasters for "lowly educated factory workers, who can now easily be replaced. The old economy has been transformed from high-volume production and only those with the right skills are flourishing.In Reich's book he later points out the inadequacies of himself and his staff.In class we discussed being a leader sometimes meant keeping up a facade. Had we had access to Reich's journal then would we have chosen to follow him as a leader? Better yet if Reich had looked back in his journal in hard times he may have more easily recognized why he was not effective, why we did not follow.Reich's journal goes on to echo his fears of not having the right players around him to get the job done, to reach his vision.As we discussed in class a strong team is needed to cover all the areas of a concept to work for the goal of reaching a vision.Reich begins on page 21.But there's a deeper problem with all this. Most people here have never been in government. The sum total of their public experience is the Clinton-Gore campaign. And yet simply by virtue of their being here they will become Bill Clinton's sub-government. They will fill every lower-level political appointment in departments and agencies. They will move into the White House. But governing is not campaigning. It's about holding a public trust and getting a job done. To confuse...

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