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“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” (2 Corinthians 13:11) Conveying an important message, these verses describe solid relationships and faith in God as the best way to live a meaningful, peaceful and successful life. When Mary Anne Evan’s character Silas Marner encountered hardship, his life collapsed. For many years, Silas failed to realize that he needed to regain friendships to heal the ones he had lost. Fortunately for him, restoration came in a bright-eyed blessing. Through the collapse, misery and restoration of Silas’s life, Mary Anne Evans leaves her reader with a pleasant lesson about how restoration can repair a damaged life.
In the community of Lantern Yard England, a young man by the name of Silas Marner lived a joyful life with a joyful future that needed no restoration. He enjoyed the ...view middle of the document...

Strangely, their assessment carried a little truth because Silas avoided any feelings of affection and sentiment except for a brown jug and his growing stash of gold. In fact, his feelings toward the gold even displayed more of an obsession than sentiment. Discovering one night, that someone had stolen his gold, he fell into a pit of despair and, unsure of what else to do, made his loss public with the hope of regaining it. Opening up a little, Silas began to interact with the town people slightly, although he still possessed little social desire and his life remained miserable and isolated.
Turning the tables, one night, a much needed dose of cheer, which overcame his past troubles, literally walked into Silas’s in the form of a young girl. This girl reminded him of lost pleasures in his past such as his mother, sister, and activities he had enjoyed. He grew fond of and adopted her, naming her “Eppie.” Eventually, his humble hermit house transformed into a comfortable family home. As Eppie grew up, Silas connected with other people and began building relationships again. Through Eppie, Silas restored the joy he had lost. Once again, Silas found he could trust people, but more importantly, he found that he could trust God. Truly, he had found what mattered in life and decided to leave behind what held him back from experiencing joy and cheer.
If only Silas had trusted that other people could help him cope with his problems, he could have avoided years of misery. Silas could not have avoided his friends breaking him down, but he could have chosen how to heal it. When he did not seek other relationships, he starved himself of an essential element in life. Luckily, Silas’s life did not end in misery. He received a second chance and blessing which taught him what he had not figured out himself, that humans need good relationships just as much as food to live happily. Although Silas’s story affected his whole life, other areas of life may need restoration too. Mary Anne Evans not only wanted to leave her readers with the satisfaction of a happy ending, but also an inspiration to invite restoration into areas of their own lives that may need it.

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