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Dooley Takes The Fall By Norah Mc Clintock

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Everyone has their memory about their adolescent period, whether they only studied or were one of disorderly students. Among those rebellious teenagers, some of them study diligently and tend to change themselves after they notice that they were going to the wrong way. In the book Dooley Takes the Fall, which is written by Norah McClintock deals with this kind of teenager called Ryan Dooley. Dooley, Rhodes, Beth, Dooley’s uncle are the main characters of this story, and it takes place in an urban setting. In the beginning of the story, Dooley witnesses a death of a person from a ravine, and the person is founded as one of the students who goes to Dooley’s school, Mark Everley. At first, the ...view middle of the document...

Also, there are many scences such as interviews with the homicide and Dooley about the accidents that foster the intensed mood. He was a disorderly student, and it is not strange at all if he actually commits the crime. Also, the protagonist is involved in all of these serious accidents which means the protagonist has the high possibility of suspected as the criminal. Moreover, the author sets the good time setting which shows teenager’s real life setting Dooley as the example. The protagonist’s age is seventeen years old, which is probably grade eleven or twelve. Grade eleven and twelve is the most significant period in the teenagers’ life because they are mature, and they starts to become a real adult. That is why a lot of seventeen years old teenagers have a lot of problem mentally. The author shows how their lifes and thoughts are using Dooley as one of the examples. The book also shows how people changes after they regret being rebellious and chose the wrong way by setting Dooley as an example who does not have good past. In the novel, Dooley confesses, “I’m not saying it’s his fault. I went in there, same as him, I was the one who hit that woman. But Gillette was in on it. I got caught. He didn’t.” (p.173). This quote shows that he was a disorderly student before. After this quote, Dooely says “I show up regular. I never skip. I do my homework, for Christ’s sake. I do all on time-” (p.236), and it shows that he has been changing to be innocent and regretting what he had done. If the author did not set the protagonist as a disorderly student, it does not make intesed mood enough. This setting also appeals to the reader how a rebellious teenager’s thought is changing in realistic ways. Therefore, the writer sets a right setting to show the event with more suspense, and how the teenagers act in real life by setting the protagonist of this story as the example.
While the setting developes the story as what the author wants, the narrative point of view also helps the story to show the teenager’s change without any bias. The narrative point of view is mostly the third person point of view, but sometimes it also becomes the first person point of view. So, some parts where the protagonist is narrating shows how his mind is changing and what he is feeling in detail. For example, the narrator says, “He wanted to reach out and touch her. He wanted to pull her close against him so that he could feel her all over. He wanted to kiss her and taste her and…” (p.268). This is done by the third person point of view, but it reveals the protagonist loves the girl, and what he thinks about plainly through this quote. In this way, readers can easily understand the teenager’s common concerns and thoughts. Furthermore, the third person point of view is fair, and it has no prejudice. This novel is about identifing the criminal of two serial cases of murder, and the protagonist is one of the most suspected person. If this novel is written in the first person point...

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