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End. Death. Destruction. Hatred. Pain. Starvation. War. Genocide. Terrorism. Cataclysmic Events. Doomsday. New World. Has the thought of living through the civilization coming to an end in the next five years ever crossed your mind? Oxford Dictionary defines the word doom as "death, destruction, or another terrible fate". ( Therefore, Doomsday would mean the day of destruction and death, which would result in the end of civilization. Humans should start getting prepared for this life-changing event physically, mentally, and emotionally, because it might be closer than they think. Generally, people agree to the fact that "everything has an ending", but it always comes as a shock when they hear it will happen so soon. Two sources, both ancient and contemporary, are in agreement as to when the world will end. Both the Mayan Calendar and the Galactic alignment point to December 21, 2012 as Doomsday.The Mayan calendar, the most sophisticated calendar any civilization has ever produced, foretells that the world will end in the year 2012. The creation of the Mayan calendar dates back to six years before the birth of Christ, and it is said to be more complex and precise than the ones society uses today. The Mayan calendar is so accurate, that it could predict solar and lunar eclipses thousands of years into the future. Common wisdom has it that the only way to prepare for our future is to understand our past. Therefore, to decode the secret of the Mayan Calendar, anthropologists studied this ancient culture in more detail. The Mayan culture began to emerge as an offshoot of the Olmec civilization, about 500 BC. Between 600 and 900 AD, the culture flourished, acquiring advanced knowledge of architecture, astronomy, and mathematics. They were so complex, that most Mayan places had astronomic observatories. This astonishing knowledge lead to the building of the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan which in fact is a three dimensional calendar. It has ninety-one steps on each side plus the platform on top which equals to one full year. In the year 1519, Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez arrived with his army and almost wiped out the Mayan race and culture. His reasons were that the Mayan's religious practices such as human sacrifices, were barbaric and devilish. Out of the entire Mayan civilization, only four books were saved. The most important of them can be currently found in Dresden, Germany. In 1880, a German scholar named Ernst Förstemann found it and began decoding the codex, revealing the future of the world. This is how the discovery of the Mayan calendar, called "the Long Count" was made possible. It is from the Long Count that they made many predictions about the future, specifically Doomsday. After years of assembling data from astronomy, archeology, anthropology, and iconography, experts calculated the start date of the calendar to be August 13th, 3114 BC, mysteriously ending 5,125 years later on December 21, 2012....

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