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Most people know that addiction is the cause of a social problem, a failure in character or many other things. Well, this is not true because researchers proved that drugs have a chemical that make people unable to quit addiction. This chemical is dopamine, and we will see how it works and affects one person in a minute.Imagine one taking a shot of heroin, a puff of cigarette, a slug of whisky, a toke of marijuana or a snort of cocaine. Don't think if these things are legal or illegal, just concentrate on the chemistry of them. The moment you take one of them, trillions of poisonous molecules enter to your brain, once there they let loose of a kind of 'neurological chain reaction ricochets around the skull and rearranges the interior reality of the mind'. (Time, May 26, 1997 pp: 43)It is known that scientists have struggled very much to discover the 'mechanism of addiction' , so one might ask some questions like 'Why do certain substances have the power to make us feel so good? Why do some people fall so easily into the thrall of alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and other addictive substances, while others can, literally, take them or leave them?'. (Time, May 26, 1997 pp: 43)The answer for these questions, the scientists say is very simple 'What ties all these moods alerting drugs together, they say is a remarkable ability to elevate levels of a common substance in the brain called dopamine'. (Time, May 26, 1997 pp: 43)Many scientists say that brain areas rich in the dopamine nicotine work the work of cocaine. 'Dr. Nora Volkow of the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York published the strongest evidence to date the surge of dopamine in addicts' brain is what triggers cocaine high. In a recent edition of the British journal technology can be to track the rise of dopamine and link it to feelings of euphoria'. (Time, May 26, 1997 pp: 43)'Like serotonin dopamine is a neurotransmitter a molecule those ferries message from one neuron within the brain to another. Serotonin is associated with feelings of sadness and well being in contrast dopamine with pleasure and elation. It can be elevated by a hug, a kiss, a word of praise or a wining poker hand as well as by the potent pleasure that come from drugs'. (Time, May 26, 1997 pp: 43) Scientists now think that dopamine doesn't only result in pleasure, but is the chief reason behind addiction.But this doesn't mean that dopamine is 'the only chemical involved' or that drug addiction is from dopamine only. 'The brain is subtler than that. Drugs modulate the activity of a variety of brain chemicals, each of which intersects with many others'. (Time, May 26, 1997 pp: 44) 'Drugs are like sledgehammers' observes Dr. Eric Nestle of the Yale University school of Medicine. On the other hand dopamine might lead to serious problems if it is not balanced in the brain. For example too little dopamine might lead to serious disorder behavior.In learning about dopamine, scientists came to the result that we may be wrong...

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1549 words - 6 pages Quran the Holy book of Islam itself tells of the prophets: "Remember, we gave Moses the Book and sent him many an apostle; and to Jesus, son of Mary, We gave clear evidence of the truth, reinforcing him with divine grace" (23:49-50). Muslims believe they worship the same God as Jews and Christians. Muhammad gave the Arabs the idea of umma a unified community which was bonded by religion. Through the umma Muhammad applied the law of God. At firs

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I didn't do it, how the Simpsons effect kids

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Essay by Margaret Wikman. This is a one hundred percent true story. I wrote it as a grammar exercise for my English students. I have transformed it into pure pose. I will send you both versions.

1548 words - 6 pages . The road wound itself up the mountain, and the music from the instruments created a mystical atmosphere. The guard at the entrance was sleeping, so we crept by him and headed towards the largest pyramid. Suddenly I recognized it. I had been here before! Nine years ago I had come here in the back of a truck with medicine for the local Indians. I was certain that I had climbed this very pyramid and descended a steep stairway down into the

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1415 words - 6 pages all you had was a dull porter watching you and a casual tramp missing them because they probably gave the tramp leftovers and now that they have gone he's has no food. It was like the young lads were forced to join the army by their wife's, mothers ect. I can see it in the send off when it says 'So secretly, like wrong hushed-up, they went they were not ours.' 'The boys were never theirs to be sent off but they still went. Also I feel

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1657 words - 7 pages feel bad, "and more troubled to see how my wife is by this means likely for ever to have her hand over me" (2129). It seems that Pepys's wife is getting her way with her husband but this is not the case at all. Pepys is simply making her believe that he is obeying her, "implicitly suggests that sexual promiscuity is acceptable for men and, in fact, a demonstration of virility" (Conger, 330). Pepys's wife does not realize that while she is home

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