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Doping In Sports Should Not Be Allowed

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“Second is nothing, first is everything,” you should hear this very often. Fifty percent of the time it is coming out of a Professional “doping” athletes’ mouth. As a pro athlete you would actually think they had some better sense than this, sadly they don’t though. It’s so bad that they don’t even realize that they are hurting others as much as they are hurting themselves. Basically you are cheating, like there is no other word or way to put it. You take the right character of any sport by doping. You acting like you are the best and can’t nobody beat you is going to get you nowhere, but at sitting on the bed looking stupid. Now, as a pro athlete you should already know that you have ...view middle of the document...

For example, say you knew this person and they are always happy no matter what anyone says or do they stay happy. Then all of a sudden, that happy person you used to know becomes that person that is happy, then sad, and then mad again. You would be very concerned too, now you see how they look at it when you all of a sudden start changing. It is a fifty-fifty chance that they will have a heart attack or stroke. Dr. Eric Braverman, a cardiologist who counsels professional athletes on steroid abuse, stated “By reviving the heart up with steroids, making it to grow bigger, and then taking those steroids away, your heart muscles enlarge and then contract.” That means that even if you do try to stop your body is still in danger, because you have already killed half of the cells in your body.
Doping in sports does not show the right character of the sport being played. Not only does it makes the sport look bad it makes the people playing in it look twice as bad. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), whose mission is to lead a collaborative worldwide campaign for doping free sports, say that sports are suppose to be where you can have fun while playing them. “Sports are supposed to be based on honesty and integrity.” (WADA) You as a professional player of any sport shouldn’t lie about this kind of thing. You basically get whatever it is that you want so why would you lie about it? “Sports are suppose to have ethical nations of fairness.” (WADA) Fairness in sports should be the number one rule out of all of them. Take this for an example; say you were going to The NBA Playoffs this year. You get there and you can already see that the referees are already showing favoritism towards MIAMI HEAT. The Heat fans would love this because that means that their team was gone win and going to the top was all they was worried about, but then the other team and their fans getting mad and upset all because of the referees weren’t being fair. Now with this in mind, couldn’t you imagine what the game would be...

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