Doping Is A Fool's Game Essay

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All athletes of all sports on a professional level must be required to undergo drug testing for performance enhancing drugs prior to participating in any sporting event to ensure an equal level playing field for all competing athletes, no matter the sport. Furthermore, performance enhancing drugs are illegal and must remain this way in order to keep fairness in the competitive world of sports.
The bottom line is that athletes should not be able to do performance enhancing drugs and continue to be allowed to perform in these sports. The unfairness of doing these drugs does not allow for a fair game. Ultimately, these cheating athletes are superior in the field and dominate the other ...view middle of the document...

These highly skilled athletes that are taking performance enhancement drugs are, as a result, not rewarded for their hard work and accomplishments that make them superior in their sport but instead recognized for their cheating ways, by using performance enhancement drugs that make them an incredible athlete unjustly.
In order to keep the sport of play fair, sanctions should be put in place to make it a requirement to administer performance enhancing drug testing. If “doping” is always in sports, concerns will always be raised because questionable integrity with the competitors will come into question. Importance and rewarding the athletic ability of the athletes will always be greater which will always resort in the athlete wanting the competitive edge. And this is an unfair advantage to the athletes who are being responsible, honest and not taking performance enhancing drugs. “The controversy underscores the undeniable fact that drugs have become a major part of elite athletic competition” (Jost).
As the process to make testing mandatory in all competitive sports events as in Olympic sports events, anti doping advocates say they are making some progress. “Nearly half of the 34 international sports federations under the Olympic umbrella now have year-round “out of
Chism 3
competition” drug tests (Jost). As the Olympic Committee makes strides in the anti doping campaign, other professional sports are making their way in this direction. The Major Baseball League has put into play some very serious penalties for those players that have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. However, still today, the National Hockey League does not do testing for steroids and rest assured, if they started this process today, they would find that...

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