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Dora’s Dirty Secrets Of The Global Industry

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In this essay, I will explore how the Mexican women are exploited in the global industrial economy. I’ll take a look at how Dora the explorer is an English-Spanish youngster who solves problems with the tools in her backpack and with the help of other characters that largely exploited by the toy industry. The global market is not only for the source of making the companies money but also responsible for the unfair treatment of women in general. There have been a burst of these maquiladoras(factories) popping up all over in less industrialized countries because it’s cheaper to mass produce these toys/products at a fraction of the price after NAFTA was signed in 1992. In many instances inequality is visible in these young women’s lives from when they begin to work as teenagers in what appears to be a booming industry of the maquiladoras(factories). It also gives an excellent view of the inequality that the women face who work in the maquiladoras (factories) in Mexico. Producing toys in these countries bring its share of problems too, such as recalls in toys containing lead paint.
Lois Leveen begins her article by giving an excellent description of whom and what Dora the Explorer and the other characters do to help her solve problems. It is a made for television kids program but behind the scenes will focus on giving an insight into the global industrial exploitation of the toy market and women. Since Dora was created she is adored by many children, Leveen states “Ultimately, Dora is the product of a global television market and serves the transnational capital interest of Viacom, which own Nickelodeon, and Mattel, whose subsidiary Fisher-Price makes Dora toys that are sold worldwide. As the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood documents, the Dora Franchise has earned over $3.6 billion dollars in retail sales since debuting in 2000.” (Leveen, 2008) In what was thought to bring big wages for lower income earners in these countries has lead to inequality of the women, violence and in
some cases death of these women. Given the poor economy of Mexican people, the traditional family model of a working father and stay at home mother is no longer the case in most family units. Young women and mothers have been increasingly working outside of the family home in order to make to make ends meet with the extra added income that they can bring the family unit. However, as this paper will argue, the phenomenon of working women is a dilemma for modern women as they are torn between the demands of paid work and the mercy of the people who run the maquiladoras(factories). The women make up about 80% of the work force and are said to be “recruited because factory owners consider them docile low-wage labourers.” (Leveen, 2008) As the women are perceived to be low docile they have raised health issues but are still forced to work long hours with overtime hours overlooked. If they raise too many issues they are viewed as trouble makers and are...

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