Dorkon Files: The Escape Essay

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Dorkon is a small planet. Scientifically it is a moon, it orbits so close to Mars that Earth Astrologists have yet to discover it. The few inhabitants include an evil family that has ruled Dorkon since before all 556 slaves, that makeup the rest of the population, can remember. Legend says the Dorks originally came from Mars but an immense shortage of water and other natural resources critical to the Dork's survival eventually all was squandered by the royal family or simply dried up. Not an abnormal thing for such an ancient planet.No one knows exactly were the name "Dorkon" comes from but, if mispronounced, the Dorks could get angry. They all stress that the name is, "Dor-kon" unlike the popular belief of the pronunciation, "Dork-on" The small population didn't like to be considered dorks, but in all respect, they are. The mentally challenged citizen's IQ surpassed Einstein's by nearly 50 points. Strange how a community of geniuses could only manage to live in small cabins more commonly referred to as shacks, no bigger than a spacious out house with the smell to match.But that's exactly where they spent every day of there 10,000 year life. When a owner of an establishment died, was arrested my one of the royal guards or... disappears, there life savings (unlikely to be any more than $5.00) and their "home" was given to the oldest son, if there is no son then the house was chopped into scrap wood for the queens fire, their savings sent to the royal treasure room, and the remaining family was left homeless. Being homeless was against Dorkon code and they would soon be arrested, use your imagination as to there punishments than double the pain and you can guess the future of the unfortunate women.While reading the following you must not think of it as a piece of science fiction. Even the most real sounding stories could be nothing more than a highly convincing lie, but if you happen to have one of those "stories" within an arm's reach I urge you to pick it up and read the binding, inside title page, copyright page, anywhere you wish on the books cover, and I am sure you will notice the word fiction possibly following Science or history. Now go ahead look on this story's binding, cover page, whatever, oh my, they appear to be nonexistent. Why? Because this is not a story it is the most accurate documentary of 15093's (yes that is her given name) escape from Planet Dorkon.15093 was a girl just like any other 2301 year old girl she attended the 6th grade and hated her life, home, and the queen. Just like any other 2301 year old girl and any other girl or Dorkon citizen for that matter. 15093 and her family lived in a scrap wood shack I won't bother listing their names, it would take a Dork to remember all those numbers. All you need to know is that 15093 had a mother and a brother, her father was one of the mysterious few that disappeared and were never spoke of. 15093's brother owned the home and the few attempted pieces of furniture it held...

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