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Dorm Life Essay

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Dorm Life

College can be great; living with your roommates can be a nightmare. But wait……before you throw in the towel, make sure you know and understand the rules of a dorm room. Dorm life is something almost every college student must experience. It’s not as easy as it seems either. Most of the time students will try to room with people they know, but normally a student can’t be that lucky to make that happen. It can actually be easier living with people who are complete strangers, than living with people that have been there through life.

The first thing to accomplish is knowing the fact that in a dorm room, everyone has a job. Everyone in the room must provide certain things. For example, one should bring the refrigerator, the other, a microwave, and so forth. When things are brought, they are to be shared, that’s what living together is all about. Nothing should be secluded from each other, especially the necessities of the room. If a roommate decides not to share, then they should learn nothing will be shared with them, and should more than likely live alone, if they have a problem with sharing.

This should apply to the cleaning of the room as well. Each roommate should separate the chores. It is true that it’s hard to keep the dorm room spotless, but a dirty room can make a persons living arrangement uncomfortable. Someone could be in charge of the garbage; another could be in charge of the dust, which dorm rooms do collect a lot of. Dr. Andrew Johnson, a writer of College Bound Magazine, talks about in his article about dorm issues. For example, with cleaning the room, if a roommate does not do his or her job there are tactics of solving the situation. He says, “ The best way is the direct way. Mention the dirty dishes, and ask that he or she could clean up after himself or herself. Your effectiveness with this message will depend on how assertively you deliver it. Try not to sound meek and apologetic, because then they may dismiss your concerns. But try not to sound blaming and angry either, as if they are a horrible person; that will make them defensive. In both your choice of words and tone of voice, strive to come across as one friendly, reasonable adult talking to another friendly, reasonable adult. You have something important you want to say, and you assume they'll listen.”

Being inconsiderate with one another is something else many roommates have problems with. Classes are at different times, so waking up to get ready for class with occur at different times as well. A roommate may get to sleep longer than another roommate. So if there were another room, to not make problems, it would be best to get ready where the other roommates can’t be disturbed. Slamming things around, and being loud in general is neither considerate nor respectful of the other people living there. Problems will more than likely occur and living together will be much harder. Every College student...

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