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Dormitory: When Will The School Take Its Reponsibility

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After a tiring and long day, Ander went back to his dormitory. Instead of heat he felt strong wind coming through a big hole on the window and he smelt a disgusting smell from the toilet mixed with it. With disappointment, Ander lay on his bed. However, after a loud snap, one of the cabinet bases broke off like crunchy fries. In order to release his anger, he went into the washroom to take a hot shower but he found that the shower head which was supposed to be fastened on the ceiling was lying on the ground. Ander was so mad that he began to curse the world which made him suffer so much pain…….

The story below is fake but it clearly shows that the dormitories in maple leaf international school boys’ campus have many serious problems that need to be solved. Some of the problems are tough, like repairing the beds or eliminating the smell of sewage. Most of the students understand the school’s difficulties and they have patience, but after waiting for a long time, they have received no response at all. Students are mad about the school’s attitude because the school does not seem to care much about the students. The students in Maple Leaf want to know why the school never offers any help, they want to know what’s behind this short circuit of room repair, and they want to know what dark forces underlie the mystery of the always disappearing repairmen. The reporter of the “eleven endeavors” wants to offer the students a satisfied and acceptable answer, thus he went to find several dormitory teachers and students who live in the dormitories for further details.

According to many students’ comments, most of the windows in the dormitories are broken. Big or small, great or less, holes appear on these old and disrepair windows which make the dorms as cold as hell during the winter. Many students insist that although they have reported this situation to the school for a long while, the school has done nothing but ask them to use some tape to...

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