Double Happiness, Directed By Mina Shum And Fifth Chinese Daughter, By Jade Snow Wong

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Relative to “Fifth Chinese Daughter” the general plot is noticeably similar: a first generation Canadian-Chinese girl looking to find approval from her overbearing parents while seeking her own happiness and success. However, here is where both depart vastly from each other. While Jade Snow Wong seeks success in Academia and later business, which her father feigned disapproval: more like a wait and see attitude. However, Jade Li pursues fame as an actor with her parents extreme disapproval, even lying to their families and friends. Part of the dissimilarities amount to different times. Jade Snow Wong grew up in the WWI/WWII era while Jade Li grew up during the 80s/90s and was able to get away with more. The documentary shows that acting and being in show business was more taboo, and although this act is shameful to the Li family, was more acceptable than her dating a Caucasian male, which lead to the demise of her familial ties.
The movie: “Double Happiness” and the book: “Fifth Chinese Daughter” both have similar fathers: distant, busy, and strong drive to provide for their families. Jade Li’s father occupation in the movie is not provided, or rather, I did not pick it up, while xiaojie Wong, her father’s occupation is a part of her existence. They both have an arm’s length relationship with their fathers; their success while nice for the honor of their respective families, is not quite so important as their oldest brother. Therefore, they have a little bit more freedom for their pursuits, however, less financial support as well. Their fathers both pressure them to get married and peruse the asian male “market” (for lack of a better word) for potential mates. Jade Li gets set up with two males: one being gay, but hides it from the entire Asian community, the other has no personality, he is simply the lawyer, they even hide his face from the camera to show his overall inconsequentiality. Jade Snow was only set up once, but his physical appearance was of great importance, he was too short for her.
Their father’s, however, were of central importance to their lives. Neither Jade wanted to win their father’s disapproval, both went out of their ways to seek their esteem. Jade Li, after staying out all night, tried to sneak in the house before her parents woke up, putting on her night gown in the car. . After they found out, she bought her father red bean paste filled buns by means of apologizing. Often, when she messed up she bought her father those buns, as a symbol acknowledging her wrongdoing and attrition Jade Snow worked hard and suffered for the prosperity necessary to make her father proud. She worked for her father and helped him through difficult times. It seemed every step she took she mentioned her father’s outward thoughts on the event.
In “Double Happiness” Jade Li was disowned for having a relationship with a white man. Fifth Chinese Daughter does not mention the consequence for dating a Caucasian male, but considering the...

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