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Choosing A Career Path Essay

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Never once was there a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to college. But the question as to what career path do I want to pursue was always the hard part. When declaring my major, I had no idea that Michigan State had so many different options. My original major was pre-law, and then it was general management, now I’m leaning towards construction management. I watched “A Family That Preys” by Tyler Perry, and one of the characters was a construction manager. Like a child, watching this movie persuaded my decision to go into this field. I didn’t declare this as my first major because I was uneducated on the field, so I went with a major that I knew about. I am only in my second semester of college and I have changed my major twice. My uncle has been very successful and he has greatly inspired my choice of continuing my education. He was a successful insurance agent at state farm, and then went on to owning his own insurance company. Even though he is in the insurance field, he is going back to school for trucking and looking into construction as well. One night we sat at my grandmother’s dinning room table and discussed my future career plans. I told him that I was interested in construction management but I was uneducated in the field so I didn’t change my major yet. I need to educate myself about being in the construction field by reading books, interviews, magazines, etc.
The name construction management in itself sounds like a hand full, there’s no question that pursuing this major will be a lot of hard work and dedication. When I looked up the course requirements, the requirements reinforced my preconceived notations about this field. Calculus, microeconomics, and accounting, sounds scary and they are only 3 of the 120 credits needed (Undergraduate Degree - Construction Management). A few of the important qualities that said are needed are: analytical skills, business skills, technical skills, time-management skills and speaking skills. It is also suggested that I take classes to improve my writing and my speaking.
While my uncle was in class, he had a conversation with a very successful business owner; the man told him that construction was a very good field to go into because it will always be around. Employment of construction managers is projected to grow 16 percent within the next eight years (Construction Managers). He also said another reason why construction management is a good business to go into for me is because “SBA’s (Small Business Administration) 8(a) Business Development program can help qualifying minority-owned firms develop and grow their businesses, and also the program provides access to government contracting opportunities, allowing these businesses to become solid competitors in the federal marketplace” (Minority-Owned Business). This program is important to me because being an African American woman means I am a double minority. The last piece of information that he shared with me was that I would need...

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