Double Time Comes Home Essay

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The animal shelter is scary for all dogs, but it’s very scary for Double-time. He’s been here a couple of days, and already knows how the other dogs feel.

It’s lonely and Double-time is sad. There’s no one to play with, and it smells sometimes. The caretakers are nice though, and that makes Double-time feel a little more comfortable. Even though they’re nice he doesn't’ want the shelter to be his forever home.

Instead of giving up on a forever home Double-time turns his nose up, and prances back and forth in his kennel.

He has to find a way out of this place.

This cage is not suitable for his personality. Double-time has an appetite for adventure, and running fast. Double-time is ...view middle of the document...

They walk to the kennel slowly and read the name tag.

“Double-time. 2-years old. Male. Mixed breed. Neutered.” J.J. reads out loud.

“That’s a funny name!” Marcus blurts.

He bends down for a closer look at the dog with large brown patches. His eyes are the color of toffee, and he has a pink nose. It looks like a strawberry.

Double-time disagrees with that. His name is not a funny. It suits his personality perfectly. He’s bold, fun, fast and already in love with the toothless boy and red haired girl.

It is love at first sight. This is his forever family— even if they don’t know it yet. Now what to do about it…

Marcus crouches down to let Double-time smell his hands. Why is this cute dog in the shelter Marcus thought to himself.

Double-time is excited to have the young boy’s attention. Meanwhile, two small puppies catch J.J.’s attention and she walk off.

Oh no. That’s not good. He needs to do something fast. Double-time knows exactly what to do. He’ll sing his best song for the red haired girl.

He begins to prance back and forth raising his legs very high. Then he runs in circles as fast as he can. He stops when he knows all eyes are on him.

He’ll show these kids how talented he really is.

From way down deep Double-time belts out the first notes of his song. He knows he can sing better than any dog in the shelter. Double-time concentrates very hard, and brings his pitch up so the red haired girl can’t help but look back at him.

I really do have a nice voice he thinks to himself. Double-time is certain the kids will love his voice.

Marcus jumps back, and begins to laugh.

“Wow. He’s loud!” Marcus didn’t expect to hear that. Double-time is howling nonstop, and his whole body is shaking with excitement.

By now the other dogs are howling, too. Double-time is surprised that he’s no longer getting all of the attention.


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