Doubts On Chromo Therapy:A Critical Analysis On Chromo Therapy

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Victorian mysticism is a group of myths that emerged during Victorian era, when new areas of science were discovered or invented. Theytypically combined area of new metaphysical science with ancient myths or stories from the bible, including stories about the pyramids or the power of pentagon. Chromo therapy, known as an alternative medicine is also one of them. It combined theory about light waves and ancientexperiences regarding colors. Advocates of chromo therapy believe that by exposed to colors, physical or psychological ailments can be cured.The main point is that colors’certain power can cure some illnesses. For instance, color red can cure anxiety issues and circulatory problems.Facts about light wave, and qui are the basis of the therapy. Since cells in our body can absorb certain range of light waves, by giving colors which are light waves with specific frequency, cells can gain the energy from the color. Receiving the energy from the color, our body can heal itself. Moreover, chromo therapy adopted theories regarding color psychology which is about colors’ influence on human mind, claiming its usage in psychological problems. It seems like a new area of medicine and there have been reports of successful cases of the therapy.However chromo therapyis not a validated medical treatment, considering exaggerated psychological effects of colors, its illogicality, and environmental factors.
First and foremost, psychological effect of chromo therapy is deeply exaggerated.Practice of chromo therapy claims that by affecting human mind with color, one’s psychological problems can be solved. This is somewhat true as colors do affect people’s mind.Faber Birren, who is a researcher at Yale University, is the first person to scientifically identify colors’ effect on human mind. According to his several experiments, when people are exposed to spectrum of red, people often feel comfort or warmth. Also colors on blue spectrum generates calamity. This is why doctors advise parents of children with concentration issues paint children’s room in blue. Supporters of chromo therapy believe that this influence is a proof of the therapy’s medicinal value. However feelings stimulated by specific color will fade away slowly after one has adjusted to the surroundings. Painting a room of children with concentration issue blue might keep them calm for a while, but as they become familiar with their new room they will return to their previous state. Many studies agree with this example showing that the influence is only temporary (Cherry, 2010). Moreover, seeing color does not treat underlying cause of psychological problems. According to the chromo therapy, one’s mental problems can be cured by exposure of certain colors in the way of wax candle or colorful image.On the other hand, many examples disapprove this idea. For instance, common mental problem of the modern society, depression is rarely treated by chromo therapy. The main cause of depression, a biological...

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