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Leadership is not something that is necessarily picked up easily, nor is there one correct way to lead. There are more reserved leaders and then there are leaders who hold power boldly. Both types lean heavily on their character and personality. However, there are certain things I have learned that help with my leadership abilities as well as the process of becoming a considerable leader. I have learned the majority of these from my own experiences and from watching the leader in my family and community.
I believe one of the most important things a leader must have is a plan. Someone of higher stature must have a goal or a finish line they are wanting to reach in order to endure the long haul to get there. A leader can have the most influential words, and a passion for what they do but if there is not a vision for what they or their group is striving for there will not be an advance. Leaders should not expect anything from their peers that they themselves wouldn’t do or say, which should be considered when constructing a plan. As a member of a group, I would want a leader to lead in a direction that can impact others and not just the lives within the group. To lead well, a leader must also have great communication skills which goes hand in hand with having a plan. Those who are physically strong may have the appearance of having good leadership skills but for that to be true they must also acquire the mental strength. To follow through with a plan one must have the courage to speak their mind. Thinking through the process is the first step but in order to go further and engage the people being lead, the leader must clearly vocalize the goals and hopes of the group. Most likely, if everyone isn’t on the same page the outcome will vary with the expectations. Last, but not of any least importance, is the intentions of a leader. The clubs and or activities I have been a part of, or had the opportunity to lead, has sometimes had greater intentions than those of the leader of that club/activity. I personally feel that the intentions of the leader should be to benefit their community or the specific lives of others, much like a missionary. My great grandmother, a godly woman who is extremely strong in her faith, spent many years as a missionary in Africa with my great grandpa. They selflessly gave up everything they had here in the states. Both lead with great intentions of leading others to Christ and changing their lives for the better, in turn giving them satisfaction knowing they were doing God’s will as well as setting a memorable example in the small villages they visited. My great grandparents exhibited ample intentions of leaders.
Apart from witnessing impactful leaders in my own family, I too have been in a few leadership roles during my eighteen years. The role where I felt I made the greatest impact was when I participated in my high school’s dance team my sophomore year. Although I was not a captain nor a returning member, the response I...

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