Dove Cosmetics Analysis

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3. Marketing strategies

Objectives of the Marketing Plan
Setting objectives for a marketing plan is an iterative process whereby objectives are set, strategies and action plans are developed, and then it is decided whether the planned objectives are impossible, achievable or easy. plan objectives should be difficult, but they must be achievable. The aim is to set objectives that a challenge, but can be achieved with effort. They must be motivating rather than discouraging. (Westwood, 2002).

Dove’s plan marketing Objectives:
According to (2012), Dove develops its marketing objectives very carefully as it is devoted to expand the definition of beauty for the reason that they believe real beauty comes from your inner self. The Marketing Objectives of Dove are:

- To increase sales by 40% in upcoming 1 year.
- Providing a boost to its brand image.
- Broaden the image as a beauty care provider.
- Increase the number of retail outlets selling dove products by 250 within 12 months.
- to improve the products positioning as a trusted and iconic brand in the personal and household cleaning products markets.

Therefore, it is important to exposure to several target markets of different sizes and demographics to improve the product positioning for long-term standing as the consumer choice within the market. In addition, Dove will also be a variety of other segments through advertising the economically beneficial properties of the product relative to substitute products on the market.

Market Segmentation:

Dove segments the market on the basis of :
Demographic Segmentation Under this segmentation, Dove focuses on women of all age groups above 18. Women who use beauty products. Women who are well aware about beauty and care for their skin. Women who have high purchasing power and belong to upper middle class.
Psychographic segmentation
Dove aims to create a psychology in women where beauty incorporates all ages, body shapes and sizes. `You are beautiful the way you are` is the message Dove promotes and wants every women to believe.

Targets women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Highly focuses on working women as they don’t have much time to take care of themselves, so it uses its double benefits (soap and moisturizer) to attract target. Also targets high income groups and upper middle class as they would be willing to pay a good price for soap.

Dove products are positioned as personal care beauty products. Dove doesn’t call itself a soap but a mild moisturizing bar. It is...

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