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Down Doing With The Titanic Essay

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I, the initial class ocean liner am setting sail on Wednesday 10th of April, 1912, the day that is expected to change my existence everlastingly, to build a stronger, more powerful and more popular boat. I have waited for this opportunity for a long, long, long time and now that I have got it this chance of a life time I am not letting it sail away. I heaved out of the dock; I blow leisurely bulky black burn into the air out of my glistening, glossy long, stunning funnels. I am standing by for my maiden voyage and I can’t wait! There waiting is finally over, I am going to set sail and I am in such honour to do this.
* * *
Firstly, I’m off, the big, bold, beautiful, unforgettable, unique, unsinkable ship, has set sail, my first ever voyage. It was hard not to get caught up in the euphoria of setting sail. As the passengers get comfortable I invigorate myself. I could hardly conceal my excitement. This is by far the greatest daylight hours of my intact life. Nothing can beat this time in moment. I had a missing piece in me and this journey that I am about to go on completes me. The second that the passengers board me that is it there is no turning back now; I am going to leave my home town, Southampton which I thought that this day will never come, heading for my new destination... New York.
The hours are passing by so fast, I don’t like it I want this time to go smoothly and slowly because I don’t want it do end. Time at sea is my life this is what I want to do, this is where I want to live and stay, just sailing through the beautiful ocean, felling the ocean wash over me, hearing the ocean wash over me and also watching the beauty of the ocean wash over me. This is my wish this is my dream.
Sailing through the eternal ocean (the glacial, icy, pungent ocean), I come across hours of darkness, the crisp blue dawn sky above was being attacked by a crowd of murky gray by spreading their missiles all over the clouds with their exhaust which looked like an armed forces rushing overhead to overtake the sunny day, I feel alarmed and panic stricken me as me and darkness are not closed friends nevertheless, also filled of ecstasy as the first part of my voyage is near to an end. New York here I come.
In addition, a few more days and I’m there. Dancing with enthusiasm, the ocean joins too. Waving their arms and hugging me with their supple touch I sense comfort, comfort which I have not felt in a long period of time. I gaze out over the bottomless, blue sea. Even though one part of my journey is coming to an end I got another journey going back home but I am trying to go slowly as I said I want this ride to go slowly and smoothly.
I observe the waves as they climb and collapse. Each one begins as a miniature bulge of water that rises releasing a mess of pale bubbles. I listen to the crashing of the waves, each shatter sounding like a shotgun firing into the dark. Waves come again and again tumbling over...

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