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Down Syndrome Children: Is Their Play Appropriate For The Environment?

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Special needs is a generic term used in a clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be a medical, mental, or psychological defect. Examples of disabilities include autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, blindness and others. Statistics show that .14% of babies are born with Down syndrome, which is one in every 691 babies (Statistics of Children with SN). Although Down syndrome is a well-known problem and disability, professionals are trained to enforce verbal skills and symbolic play, as well as asking volunteers to participate in community involvement with special needs children.
From society's perspective, Down syndrome children have become a serious complication in the world. Disabled children with special needs like Down syndrome are not given the directed attention needed for appropriate treatment. In 1862, John Langdon Down characterized Down syndrome as a separate form of mental disability but he broadened his research in 1866. By the 20th century, Downs has become the most recognizable form of mental disability in the world because of the physical characteristics that distinguish their disability (Patterson, 137). Some symptoms include a small-flattened face, bowlegs in some cases, and generally, their tongue is too big for their mouth so it usually hangs outside of their mouth as well as other physical characteristics exemplifies a Down syndrome child (Wedro). Down syndrome, Downs or DS, occurs in children who have an "extra copy of chromosome 21." Ninety-five percent of Down syndrome cases are Trisomy 21 (nondisjunction), four percent are translocation, and one percent is mosaicism. There are roughly 400,000 cases of Downs in the United States today (NDSS, Down Syndrome Facts). However, a recent study showed that an infant born with Downs has a one in 691 chances to have the disability (Statistics of Children with SN). Scientists also proved that verbal skills were a skill that needed the most attention in DS children (FPG CD Institute) and during activity time, symbolic play had the most successful outcome on younger children (O'Toole, 156). Both approaches added to a successful approach on solving the problem of inappropriate behaviors toward special needs children.
Many children begin to develop verbal skills when they are toddlers; however, this fact is not true when referring to Down syndrome children. Parents and teachers can assist children with DS by setting a goal to reinforce "early communication, speech skills, complex language, and literacy skills" (FPG CD Institute). A study from the FPG Child Development Institute suggests the significance of early and persistent involvement with language and literacy practices. For example, most children can interpret more words than they can convey, therefore, developing communication during conversations is a complicated mission to face. Downs children also have complications with detailing information from a...

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