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Down Syndrome And Its Effects Essay

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Down syndrome today is much different than it used to be, it has advanced in

many ways. Life expectancy for people with the diagnosis has increased tremendously

throughout the years. It has enabled children who are diagnosed with it to keep working

hard because they can achieve anything if they set their minds to it. Down syndrome

can be a devastating diagnosis; however, parents and those diagnosed can still go on to

live happy contented lives.

There has been big changes for people diagnosed with Down syndrome over the

past years, but what is Down syndrome? According to Bret Bowerman, Down

syndrome is a chromosomal condition caused by the presence of a third copy of ...view middle of the document...

Just the

Facts Down syndrome by Kristina Routh states, “the only way to tell the difference

between these types is by studying a blood sample of an individual with Down syndrome

to look at the chromosomes.”

Finding out that it there is a possibility of being a parent of a child with Down syndrome can be a devastating thing to most. It is not uncommon for parents to

have negative thoughts after the birth of their new baby. Mary Carmichael’s article

“New Tests for Down syndrome Raise Tough Issues” states that life with Down

syndrome can be challenging for parents and kids. She supports her claim by first saying

that ninety percent of women whose fetuses test positive choose to abort, then she states

that doctors and pediatricians give advice to end the pregnancy. Finally, she says that as

technology has advanced doctor’s education has fallen behind which makes it harder on

the parents. Carmichael’s purpose is to inform the readers on how the disease does not

permit you from doing most things. (Carmichael 1). According to author Mark

, it is important to have often health checks. Hearing tests, thyroid blood tests, vision

tests, and dental checks. People with out Down syndrome usually have to have these
Nunes 3

same tests done as well.

The age of the mother has an affect on babies who receive Down syndrome. The

older the woman is, the more likely she is to have a baby with Down syndrome says

author Kristina Routh. Mothers question if after their first child has been diagnosed with

Down syndrome if it will happen again in another pregnancy. “One in every eight

hundred to one thousand children are born with Down syndrome. Approximately five

thousand five hundred children with the disease are born each year in the United States

alone. Nearly two hundred and fifty thousand families in the United States have a child

with Down syndrome” (Tocci 11). Most mothers’ who have had a child with Down

syndrome before are at a high risk of their next child being affected but not always by

Down syndrome. Salvatore Tocci’s book “Down Syndrome” argues that babies born

with Down syndrome can be just as healthy and active as other children. He supports

this claim by stating that if a baby is born with a medical problem, the parents will be

advised as to how to care for their child which would help the child later in life. Tocci’s

purpose is to inform readers of what they can do to help their child be successful (Tocci


Putting a child with Down syndrome in school can be tough, but it is not

impossible. Most children with the disease are put in school and do finish. “Some

graduate high school, some graduate college, some get married and about one in every

five has a job” (Ostermaler). “I am now employed in a part-time job as a clerk in a bank.

I like doing the work and I have made friends there,” says a girl with Down syndrome

from Sydney Australia. (Routh...

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