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Katz 1Aaron M. KatzDown syndrome definition essayDown syndrome is a quality in which more genetic material causes interruption in the way a child grows, both mentally and physically. It affects a lot of babies once they are first born. The real features and medical problems linked with Down syndrome can change widely from each child. While some children with Down syndrome need so much medical attention, other children have healthy lives. Though Down syndrome cannot be avoided it can be found before a baby is born. The health issues that may go along with Down syndrome can be fixed.There are a lot of misconceptions about people with Down syndrome. One misconception is that people who have Down syndrome cannot walk or play any sports. Not able to walk is not a trait of Down syndrome. All around the world, there are special events that include people with Down syndrome to play at. Many people with Down syndrome all look alike; many but not all people with Down syndrome share the same features. For example, many but not all people with Down syndrome have oval-shaped eyes and a small status. However, like normal people who have the same features, they look more like their families than each other. People who have Down syndrome cannot have kids; it is right that a person with Down syndrome might have serious challenges in taking care of a child. But women who have Down syndrome are produced and can give birth to kids. People who have Down syndrome are always happy; people with Down syndrome are more like normal people than they are different. Everyone has feelings and moods. People who have Down syndrome have noKatz 2memory at all; people with Down syndrome definitely have memory, and like normal people, their ability to remember changes from person to person.People with Down syndrome can usually understand a lot more than they can express spoken words, and usually their abilities are minimized based on their language ability. While a lot of people with down syndrome talk fluently and clearly, a huge number will gain from speech and language therapy in order to complete good clear language and communication skills, a few of people with down syndrome find it very hard to achieve language skills or talk clearly, this may be linked to hearing loss. However, the path to completing these goals can be harder than for most people, and most people with Down syndrome are most likely to need some support to...

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1200 words - 5 pages . DU2601000443) Mayo clinic. (2011, April 7). Down syndrome. Retrieved January 19, 2014, from Mayo Clinic website: Research projects in down syndrome. (2014). Retrieved January 26, 2014, from Center for Mind and Brain website:

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2292 words - 10 pages therapy helps young children with mental and social development such as cognitive development, working memory, and hearing that is essential to every child (DSE, 2013). Parents are able to learn these same skills so they are able to take what they know and what the child learns and but those skills in a daily routine (Winders, n.d). Society does not understand what down syndrome really is, they see this as a defect in a child. The definition of down

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