Down To Earth Cookies Your Mother Once Made

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Down to Earth Cookies Your Mother Once Made
Joe and Ellis Cook were two brothers who had made a decision in reproducing their mother’s old recipe of down to earth cookies, and with the growth and purchasing value added services their focus of making high quality based cookies would become a success. Throughout the process their focus on making their mother’s cookies had shown a commitment on their mother’s behalf without using the preservatives or additional additives in making the cookie delicious. DEC produced a sufficient procedure that created value with a focal point in delivering a soft moist cookie for the consumer’s taste-buds which was so full of flavor. In the midst of the necessities that they intended to have for the company’s success they began a process which gained customary commitments, value-added gains, and continuous improvements that would make the business become a successful achievement. Thereby, the effect of Down to Earth’s Cookies strategy in the market would then gain value-added commitments, quality, and satisfying the consumer’s needs.
Home-Made Driven Cookies
Considering the facts of basing the traditional home values of their mother’s ingredients, Joe and Ellis Cook began a business venture. Throughout this process they collected the sufficient statistics of the ingredients and brought them altogether and produced an amount of health conscious cookies. DEC stayed with the agreement of not adding any preservatives or any additives which made them so unique in flavor thereby with these special ingredients of sugar, flour, eggs, water, and flavorings, these ingredients were automatically sent to the giant mixing machines where all of the constituents were combined (Stevenson, 2009, p. 64). After long driven hours their product was finally made to perfection and as the mixture materialized they were then placed on several cooling racks which were 20 feet high and three feet wide (Stevenson, 2009, p. 65).
The first step in this process was to assemble a team of employees from several functions. After receiving training and, thus using flow charts gave the group a graphic picture of the organization’s input and output flows and relationships (Sharman, 1992, para 5). Through this process it had created an increase in productivity in getting the work done effectively and by using the amount of more than one oven the added-value had increased production immensely. Within this productive cycle we see that the employee’s were working on the development process which gained credibility for their venture. The performance measurements identified in these stages had lead to continual process management and costing (Sharman, 1992, para 1).
Through the use of operational activities in the procedure of organizing the employee’s in working together and making the requirements of producing effective results, there needs to be collaboration on everyone’s behalf to get the cookies thoroughly cut down and assembled. Together,...

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